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യൂണിഫോമില്‍ കടുപിടുത്തം വേണോ? വോട്ട് ആ്ന്റ് ടോക്ക് ചര്‍ച്ച.

By : Indiavision onlive     Added : 11 August 2014
Indiavision Vote n Talk
വോട്ട് ആന്റ് ടോക്ക്‌.

By : Indiavision onlive     Added : 10 September 2014
Vote 'n' Talk (11-11-13) _HD
പണസ്രോതസ്സ് വെളിപ്പെടുത്താന്‍ പാര്‍ട്ടികള്‍ ഭയക്കുന്നോ? വോട്ട് ആന്‍റ്...

By : Indiavision onlive     Added : 13 November 2013
Talking Tom and Friends - Vote for Tom! | Season 2 Episode 9
The race is on! Election night is fast approaching, but there's still everything to play for! Who's going to be the next mayor? Talking Tom or the CEO? Get Season 1 Talking Tom and Friends...

By : Talking Tom and Friends     Added : 17 August 2017
Indiavision Vote n Talk

By : Ziy a     Added : 19 January 2010
How to get young people to vote | Rick Edwards | TEDxHousesofParliament
What does it say about our democracy when a young voter would prefer to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on TV rather than exercise their democratic right? Journalist and presenter...

By : TEDx Talks     Added : 10 July 2014
The Power of the Youth Vote | Mindy Romero | TEDxUCDavis
Mindy Romero is the founder and director of the California Civic Engagement Project (CCEP) at the UC Davis Center for Regional Change. Romero is a political sociologist and holds a Ph.D....

By : TEDx Talks     Added : 17 May 2016
Our democracy no longer represents the people. Here's how we fix it | Larry Lessig | TEDxMidAtlantic
Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig makes the case that our democracy has become corrupt with money, leading to inequality that means only 0.02% of the United States population actually determines...

By : TEDx Talks     Added : 20 October 2015
The fight for the right to vote in the United States - Nicki Beaman Griffin
View full lesson: In the United States today, if you are over eighteen, a citizen, and the...

By : TED-Ed     Added : 05 November 2013
75 % people voted for Oommen chandy in indiavision's vote n talk

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Vote 'n' Talk Full Episode (08-11-13)_HD
സ്ത്രീകളുടെ യാത്ര സുരക്ഷിതമോ? വോട്ട് ആന്റ് ടോക്കിന്റെ പൂര്‍ണരൂപം.

By : Indiavision onlive     Added : 09 November 2013
Congress(Classified) Vote To Defend Against(Classified)
Rep. John Haller (R-PA) introduces a bill that will allocate (classified) dollars over the next (classified) years to fight flesh-eating(classified).

By : tonchi2a     Added : 13 July 2008
N Pack Guide! Vote for me. I actually deliver.
To help you get voted, we at the ANF have created a video to talk you through getting voted and your N pack.

By : ALNA Head Office     Added : 02 May 2013
Shiv Sena MPs 'force' fasting Muslim staffer to eat chapati - Indiavision (Vote n Talk)
Shiv Sena MPs 'force' fasting Muslim staffer to eat chapati - Discussion on Indiavision news channel ( vote n talk 23-07-2014) Participants - N.K Premachandran , Peroorkkada Harikumar (sivasena)...

By : Jithesh Kunissery     Added : 23 July 2014
This Video SHOULD Cost Hillary Clinton The Black Vote
WATCH Hillary Clinton's racist "super predators" speech. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks breaks down the speech and what Clinton really meant. Tell us what you think in the comment section...

By : The Young Turks     Added : 16 February 2016

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