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What's Really Going On With Val Kilmer
If you're new, Subscribe! → For years, speculation has been running wild over the health of actor Val Kilmer. Once considered one of Hollywood's leading...

By : Nicki Swift     Added : 03 February 2018
Val Kilmer & Children Jack & Mercedes Reveal How He's Changed After Battling Throat Cancer | THR
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By : The Hollywood Reporter     Added : 22 December 2017
Val Kilmer Says He’s Changed After Battling Cancer: ‘I Was Too Serious’
Val Kilmer opened up about his 2-year battle with throat cancer.

By : Inside Edition     Added : 20 December 2017
The Real Reasons why Hollywood hasn't Cast Val Kilmer for Years
The Reasons why Hollywood hasn't cast Val Kilmer for Years. In the 90's Val Kilmer was an A-list star, he was in most of the top grossing films and even played batman! From 2005 onwards hes...

By : HyperDrive     Added : 22 October 2016
Val Kilmer Sets The Record Straight About Kurt Russell And Tombstone
Hollywood is not without its urban legends. Tombstone, the 1993 western about real-life cowboy legend Wyatt Earp, had a notoriously difficult production. The first director was fired a month...

By : CinemaBlend     Added : 31 August 2017
Val Kilmer talks Jim Morrison and The Doors film
He was great in this role...He was out there in real life too..Check out this chat during the publicity phase of The Doors....a must see bio film...they got it!

By : Jimmy Carter     Added : 07 February 2018
mytalkshowheroes 1995.

By : MyTalkShowHeroes     Added : 25 March 2017
A Gaunt, Masked Val Kilmer Attacks Photographer And Speaks Incoherently At LAX
Tuesday, March 7, 2017 - An extremely thin Val Kilmer sports a ghoulish face mask and attacks a photographer, then speaks incoherently as he hops on a plane out of LAX amid illness rumors....

By : X17onlineVideo     Added : 07 March 2017
Life's Too Short - Val Kilmer as Batman
Is it Christian Bale? Michael Keaton? George Clooney? Adam West? Cartoon Batman?

By : MATTY B00SH     Added : 03 April 2013
Val Kilmer on channeling Mark Twain, Betty White, and a Top Gun Sequel
SEASON 1 EPISODE 184 [2013] Back in the spotlight, the versatile Val Kilmer is channeling Mark Twain, onstage and in-studio for Larry. Val opens up about getting his “Daniel Day-Lewis on,”...

By : Larry King     Added : 21 December 2017
VAL KILMER Struggles to Speak with a Swollen Tongue | TMZ Live
Val Kilmer is struggling to speak with a severely swollen tongue -- and while he still denies he has cancer -- whatever his ailment is ... it's forcing him to put his work on hold. SUBSCRIBE:...

By : TMZLive     Added : 15 November 2016
Val Kilmer Batman Forever

By : SuperHeroesSex     Added : 24 April 2012
Val Kilmer Latest Photos: Looking Worse Than Ever!
Val Kilmer Latest Photos: Looking Worse Than Ever! - Thanks for watching and feel free to share and comment below. Please subscribe to watch for more upcoming...

By : Hot Talk News     Added : 04 March 2017
December 10, 2017
Meeting Val Kilmer.

By : Jeffrey Alexander     Added : 10 December 2017
Val Kilmer Health Update: Actor Reveals How He Deals With Throat Cancer
Val Kilmer Health Update: Actor Reveals How He Deals With Throat Cancer After Initial Denial Val Kilmer initially chose to keep his throat cancer as private as possible, but the Batman Forever...

By : Aban Famous News     Added : 24 December 2017

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