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FSX Port Hardy to Rivers Inlet BC
Default FSX Cessna 208 from Port Hardy, Vancouver Island to Rivers Inlet, BC. Orbx Pacific North West (PNW) scenery in FSX-SE. Video #380

By : Bill Irvine     Added : 13 November 2018
Plays.tv FSX-SE Flight
Tofino BC CYZT to Sandspit BC CYZP in Captain Sim B737-200 (B732) Realworld Weather (RWWX) Orbx FTX Pacific North West (PNW) addon scenery

By : Bill Irvine     Added : 09 November 2018
Leechtown Drone Flight 2018 (#378)
Have no illusions nor delusions regarding what remains of Leech Town at the confluence of the Sooke and Leech Rivers on Vancouver Island. The forest has reclaimed its own. This is the site of the former town which sprang up in the wake of an 1864 gold discovery by a survey party headed by one Peter Leech. Hence the name of the larger river bearing his name. Bill Irvine has made a profound study of this area over the past decade and has concluded the over-growth of the forest is unprecedented. Irvine first visited here in 1972 when one could drive their vehicle right down and onto the gravel area beside the Deep Pool at Kennedy Flat. This is where the drone was launch October 16 2018. The area is in fact so overgrown to the extent that access to the actual Leechtown site is blocked by an enormous pile of debris floated down Leech River during last year's flooding. This Video #378

By : Bill Irvine     Added : 18 October 2018
Walking on Water
Over Swan Lake in Saanich BC The Saanich Nature Sanctuary’s fundraising campaign aims to replace the aging cedar boardwalk with a system of eco-friendly, long-lasting fibreglass “sheets” – allowing the sanctuary to continue sharing the importance of nature stewardship for generations to come.

By : Bill Irvine     Added : 06 October 2018
Drone Over Spectacle Lake Vancouver Island
Yuneec Typhoon H Hexacopter Drone (6 props) Over Spectacle Lake Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada.

By : Bill Irvine     Added : 27 September 2018
Olympic Discovery Trail GoPro
25 Miles round-trip on an E-bike from Port Angeles

By : Bill Irvine     Added : 19 September 2018
Cycling Across the Johnson Street Bridge
Today I cycled 35km (22miles) round-trip from Langford to Downtown Victoria. Inbound along the Galloping Goose Trail and outbound along the E&N Rail Trail. We hope this short video gives one a sense of why Victoria BC is called the "Cycling Capital of Canada". The Galloping Goose Trail (one of several serving the city), usually sees one thousand cyclist daily passing the electronic counter beside Harbour Road.

By : Bill Irvine     Added : 31 August 2018
Drone View Great Trail Connector
The Great Trail is 69km (43miles) long between Humpback Reservoir (HR) and Lake Cowichan. IMO, most cyclists will only ride the Malahat section once due to the gain and soft gravel (CVRD section). CRD missed the boat by not allowing a caged-trail thru the watershed (7km length) CVRD missed another opportunity by not connecting Trail Way to Stebbings Road (less gain) But hey, some would conclude it's better than nothing. The construction itself is well done.

By : Bill Irvine     Added : 28 August 2018
Sooke Hills Wilderness Meets Cowichan Valley Trail Drone
Cowichan Valley Trail at Stebbings Road Crossing from Drone

By : Bill Irvine     Added : 27 August 2018
Drone over Great Trail on Malahat Vancouver Island
I drove to Trail Way Road off Goldstream Heights Road on the Malahat of Vancouver Island to cycle the trail northwest-bound. The trail has not been completed here so riding the road was not an option for me.

By : Bill Irvine     Added : 25 August 2018
Yuneec Hexacopter H Panama flats
Panama Flats Park Victoria BC Canada from 300ft. AGL

By : Bill Irvine     Added : 19 August 2018
Drone Video from beside Galloping Goose Trail
Yuneec Typhoon H Hexacopter over Field Farm and Bennett Rd Automotive Centre beside the Galloping Goose Trail on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada Smokie-blue haze is from forest fires

By : Bill Irvine     Added : 15 August 2018
Galloping Goose Trail Drone Footage at Sooke Basin
Yuneec Typhoon H Hexacopter over Sooke Basin from Galloping Goose Trail at the 38km Marker. This is where one can see the best view from anywhere along the entire 57km length of this trail.

By : Bill Irvine     Added : 13 July 2018
Yuneec Typhoon H Hexacopter CGO3+ Video Camera
The Typhoon H Hexacopter has six (6) propellers but will fly using fove (5) if needs be. Anyone who ever lost a quadcopter prop from 2150ft. knows why we want six props. They crash. This video illustrates the advantages of have an indipendently, rotating, video camera on a drone.

By : Bill Irvine     Added : 03 July 2018
Yuneec Typhoon 500 4k Quad over the Swamp
from 200ft. elevation

By : Bill Irvine     Added : 27 June 2018

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