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The Flaming Drink
A cool burning drink being made

By : vegecooking     Added : 14 October 2008
Broccoli Soup
A healthy low calorie soup

By : vegecooking     Added : 17 November 2007
Broccoli Curry
A tasty way to make this bland vegetable into a scrumptious meal. If you eat this 3-4 times a week you will be able to loose weight.

By : vegecooking     Added : 13 November 2007
Masala Dosa
A masala dosa is made with the same batter and technique as the plain dosa but has a stuffing of chutney and potato curry. (Page:204 Indian Vegetarian Cooking from an American Kitchen)

By : vegecooking     Added : 11 November 2007
Vegetable Biryani
Biryani refers to a combination of vegetables and rice cooked with a variety of spices. This is traditionally nonvegetarian, but this vegetarian version is very tasty, and the recipe lives up to its name.

By : vegecooking     Added : 07 November 2007
Almond Saffron Milk
Saffron threads impart a beautiful orange-yellow color and distinctive flavor and aroma to this refreshing drink.

By : vegecooking     Added : 04 November 2007
Mushroom and Bell Pepper (Capsicum) Curry
White mushrooms and bright red bell peppers make this a colorful and tasty dish. Serve this dish with Chapatis or plain Parathas

By : vegecooking     Added : 30 October 2007
Stir Fried Okra
If properly cooked, Okra is delicious. Just remember to wipe the okra thoroughly dry after washing and add salt after it is fully cooked.

By : vegecooking     Added : 23 October 2007
Okra Stuffed with spices in Yogurt Sauce
Okra is slit and stuffed with spices. Its flavor is further enhanced by the yogurt sauce.

By : vegecooking     Added : 22 October 2007
Oven Roasted Spiced New Potatoes
These sweet, tender skinned potatoes are oven roasted with a blend of tangy spices

By : vegecooking     Added : 19 October 2007
Whole Potatoes in Spicy Yogurt Sauce (Dum Aloo)
Try one of India's most popular dishes. Potatoes are a wonderful medium for these zesty flavorings.

By : vegecooking     Added : 19 October 2007
Mixed Bean Salad
I've used canned beans in this scrumptious-tasting salad, please use dried beans that are pre-soaked and cooked. They add a wonderful depth and dimension to the salad

By : vegecooking     Added : 14 October 2007
Kesaribhat (Semolina Halva)
Roasted cream of wheat is laced with golden raisins and saffron threads. This quick and easy dessert tastes great served either hot or at room temperature.

By : vegecooking     Added : 20 September 2007
Uppma with Mixed Vegetables
This is a colorful, satisfying dish that captures the freshness and flavor of a variety of vegetables. This is a simple cream of wheat dish.

By : vegecooking     Added : 17 September 2007
Lime or Lemon rice with peas and onions
The tangy flavour of this pilaf is mellowed by sweet peas and onions.

By : vegecooking     Added : 14 September 2007

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