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Double stifle
Beautiful sneezer

By : stangxfeet     Added : 28 January 2017
Blonde girls uncovered sneeze

By : stangxfeet     Added : 08 January 2017
Candid off screen beach sneeze
Sorry guys I just wasn't quick enough on this one. The cutie with the green bikini top let one massive sneeze fly so I grabbed the cell in hopes there would be another unfortunately she sneezed a split second before I could capture it..almost wasn't going to bother posting but her sneeze which the sound quality does nothing to justify was one of the best I've heard in awhile

By : stangxfeet     Added : 07 August 2016
Candid Beach Sneezes
Sorry for the bouncing video had to catch this one on the fly she already let 3 huge ones rip before I could get camera situated. ..sound quality does her loud powerful sneezes no justice

By : stangxfeet     Added : 02 July 2016
Allergies sniffles & a powerful sneeze

By : stangxfeet     Added : 07 April 2016
QVC guest Susan Chelton sneezes

By : stangxfeet     Added : 09 February 2013
MILF sneeze attack
Ok, I know some of you guys like to hear the story behind my vids sorry I didn't have time to go into full detail when I originally posted the vid a few days back, but as promised here it is...ohm and hopefully this will help some people realize why the vid contains shaky & unfocused parts I heard this sneezer for what seemed like forever before I finally was able to spot her. The area as you can tell is a very popular tourist location I heard sneezes but with all of the foot traffic I couldn't pinpoint exactly where & who they were coming from keep in mind I was also on a bike so between trying to find miss sneezey & watching no too run some dumb ass tourist over I was already past our subject when I finally figured out who she was. My initial intent was just to record the sounds of her sneezes that was until she actually walked towards my vantage point & got within 3 feet of me. Not sure how many of you tried to discretely film someone with a cell phone in a very crowded public setting let alone someone standing 3 feet away from you but any of you that have can understand its not the simplest task on top of that this being a family oriented tourist location the chances of our sneezer being there herself were very slim, yes she was standing alone with the baby carriage but I was almost certain there had to be other family members close by which ended up being the situation...anywaysss like ai said I know its not the greatest at least the sound is good & I was lucky enough to capture to face shots while she was sneezing

By : stangxfeet     Added : 15 September 2012
My sexy sneezy friend
A special gift from a very pretty friend of mine...please leave comments she is really intrested in hearing what you think of her super strong, loud, sexy sneezes

By : stangxfeet     Added : 20 January 2012
mana2014 and her super sexy ticklish size 9's
Ok guys I usually only us my YT channel to post vids I personally filmed, but I just came across to super cool foot friends mana2014 and her boyfriend SpidermanRun. I ask any of the fans of my channel to go to mana2014's channel and take a look at her sexy feet she loves to show of her feet for all of us foot guys to enjoy. Please sub her channel and let her know how sexy you think her feet are the more props you bguys give her the more vids she will post

By : stangxfeet     Added : 17 May 2011
Juicy size 6 latina feet fresh out of hot sweaty socks
I was in line paying for some stuff at WalMart when I noticed this latina girl in the line opposite of me buying flip flops, and as she was paying for the flip flops she was taking her sneakers & socks off. She put the flip flops on, put her sneakers & socks in a bag and walked out of the store. Well as luck would have it we were both walking out of the store at the same time she gave me a friendly smile and since we were both parked in th same area I figured I would ask her for a quick video. She was super cool although I couldnt convince her to let me have her freshly removed sweaty socks....LOL

By : stangxfeet     Added : 22 June 2010
Sexy white girl with delicious size 9.5's
Ok guys it's that time of year again, didnt want you to think I retired just been really busy & the weather has not been cooperating but finally I have my first catch of 2010 I didnt get her name but she 22 years old very pretty and smokin body. I saw her & her cousin walking into a dept store and as luck would have it just as I was leaving the two foot queens were in another line paying for the stuff they bought. I followed them to their car and just as they were about to get in approached the girl in this vid and asked if I couldfilm her feet and without hesitation she was like sure....she even pulled her flip flops off then asked if she should take her shoes off....anyway they both turned out to be really awesome chicks totally cool about he whole thing...and look at her massive sexy size 9.5 feet and soles, and that huge juicy big toe.......she's going to be one of my all time favorites....hope you guys enjoy

By : stangxfeet     Added : 20 May 2010
Lucy's allergy sneezes
Lucy's allergies are kickin........

By : stangxfeet     Added : 05 May 2010
Natalia Part 1 - Size 7.5-8
This a new friend Natalia sexy size 7.5 - 8 feet. I meet her the day before at her job I was eating lunch & she was waiting tables. Her pretty face got my head spinning and of course I was wondering if her feet were as pretty as her face. Shge was overly talkative & had a great personnality so once I got done eating I asked her if she would ever consider letting me video her feet. Well after the initial shock wore off, and then the 2 minutes of laughing she was like "sure why not" she said she didnt get done work for a few hours but she could meet me the next day. I gave her my email address and she kept her promise.....let me know what you guys think, if she's a hit I'll post more

By : stangxfeet     Added : 27 March 2010
Becca's super soft plush meaty soles sz7.5
My good friend Becca let me film her feet, she has the softest feet I have ever touched

By : stangxfeet     Added : 21 February 2010
Daughter #2 Super hot & sexy size 7's - Segment 3 of a 3 part series
You guys are going to love this one. This is actually part 3 of a 3 part series that features Mom and her two daughters. This craziness all started when I saw the two daughters leaving a department store, I almost passed them up because the one girl (in segment 2) gave me a bad vibe, but I just could not resist her sisters puple pedicured toes (shown in this segment) so I waited till the two sisters got to the car they were driving and asked if I could film their feet....well as I suspected sister #1 (shown in vid/segment #2) was a bit put off by my request and told here sister "get in the car" well I tried to act cool by thanking them anyway (last thing I needed was the cops to be called) and walked away from them very quickly trying to weave between cars in the parking lot so that they would loose visual contact of me, but just as I was leaving I walked past a mature women (the MILF in segment 1) who just so happend to be the two girls ask how I knew she was their mother??? well as I walked past her I heard on of the girls shout "run mom...foot fetish"...well that scared the crap out of me and all I could think of doing was trying to disappear between the cars in the parking lot, just when I thought I was safe I stepped out from between two parked cars and BAM there was mom and the two daughters pulling up right next too me in their car...Mom puts the window down and with a very devish smile says "are you for real?" I replied "yes" and the three of them started lauging uncontrollably, then mom stops laughing long enough mom to order her one daughter (the girl in this segment)) to pull over so I can film their feet. After being scared shitless these three ended up being some of the coolest chicks that I have ever had the pleasure of filming

By : stangxfeet     Added : 20 December 2009

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