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Gang Stalkers use Smart Phones Remotely Operate Implants

By : Skizit Gesture     Added : 22 August 2016
Stalker Harassed at Dr.s Office Connecting Implants w phones

By : Skizit Gesture     Added : 05 August 2016
Parasite Proof Morgellons Sweat Arthropod Larvae in Sweat
This is a video of parasites under a microscrope using oil.

By : Skizit Gesture     Added : 09 July 2016
Targeted Individuals 4G LTE Implant for Torture and Surveillance

By : Skizit Gesture     Added : 06 July 2016
Targeted Individuals 4G LTE cell phones True Value Publix
An hour of shopping

By : Skizit Gesture     Added : 26 June 2016
Atlanta Cop Stalker What is he trying to do?
Atlanta Cop first one to stalk me like this with a device. What followed was the implanting of brain radio/phone, V2K and stalking, vibration and implants next to nerves, GPS chip, the whole illegal program, slowly degrading my body and life.

By : Skizit Gesture     Added : 06 June 2016
Winn Dixie Stalkers
Testimony: "This is a stalker episode involving Winn Dixie. I have never had any problem with Winn Dixie and have never stolen anything from Winn Dixie but yet, I am in the COPS stalking program. A handler who GPSs you from home has a stalker there in roughly about 10 minutes unless you have stated where you are going ahead of time. I had time to get all the way to the back of the store to the meat counter. (1) I looked to my right and a young man had placed himself beside me and was prominently displaying his phone. This is the way my stalkers identify themselves. They are just using their phone right? No big deal, who can object to that? Only the stalker and the stalked know what is going on. I turned on my camera, and after a while, I walked my usual route around the store around the outside. I left him there. (2) At the milk/cheese isle, I looked up and there he was again. He had sprinted over there to get ahead of me. He placed himself in front of me but did not pick up or buy anything on that isle. (3) I walked away again and went back to the meat counter because I had forgotten to get any, I was too involved in watching my stalker. Their activity is an INTERRUPTION and DISTRACTION from your business and puts the focus on them. I was selecting the meat again, and he appeared by my side AGAIN! Note that he has the phone now in his left hand so it can take my picture. He pretends to be talking to someone, but at that point, I felt the implants in my feet start pulsing. So he had to follow me until the connection was made and the directed energy was activating the implants. I left him there. (4) I retraced my route to the milk/cheese isle and he can be seen sprinting at the other end of the isle ahead of me again. I turned to the left. (5) He appeared in front of me one more time with only meat in his hand and then checked out. Someone who didn't know what was happening would never think of this. But a Targeted Individual who has been sensitized will know exactly what is going on. The same "plays" are acted out over and over to sensitize you to certain behaviors. (6) There was one more thing that happened. When you leave the store is usually when they do things, between the time you approach the cash register to pay and when you get to your car. This next kind of stalker is sitting over to my right as I exit the store but I don't think he can be seen on the camera, though I saw him at that time. When I left the parking lot, I went by and took his picture and got him to look my way. The parking lot loiter purposely is sitting on a curb in an unexplained manner, sometimes against a post or column. The victim notices their stalker but their activity is deniable right, he's just sitting there. But the victim knows that this posture is repeated over and over so they know he's a stalker but someone else may not understand. If the victim says something like, "That guy is stalking me," he doesn't look like the single stalker who does the same thing over and over. BUT, the repeated behavior and posture is done by different people each time so stalking can be denied. This program is diabolical this way. They, being the Community Oriented Policing people are just waiting, and engineer some people to be Baker Acted for even suggesting that someone is stalking them. That's the technology in the covert COPS program. Its the part they never talk about in the COPs documents. It claims to be TRANSPARENT. Its only transparent because you can't see it, but its there, evil by design to harass, intimidate and remove the Target from society, even getting them banned from grocery stores so they can't buy food.

By : Skizit Gesture     Added : 10 May 2016
PLEASE HELP IDENTIFY THIS ANIMAL IF YOU CAN. $50 REWARD FOR IDENTIFICATION. The Morgellons victim with this blood is very sick. PLEASE EMAIL SKIZIT@HUSHMAIL.COM. Please see my other video that shows the same sort of sample from a Morgellons sore. It is a video of the liquid from the sore. If people don't study the entire cycle of a lesion, they may not see what is really there. Lesion Cycle: The victim feels a pinch or bite. They scratch and find a bump or rough spot. They rub eggs out of the rough spot. That removes the top skin over an area that has already been digested with keratin dissolving proteins. The sore fills with liquid. The sore develops a scab. The liquid develops under the scab. The scab is scratched off and the live young animals come out onto the hands and surrounding skin. You have to look into the liquid, not the scab. You will find animals. Bacteria too. Morgellons is all about bacteria. A broad spectrum antibiotic can help kill a lot of bacteria and improve the Morgellon's victim's health. Silver Sulfadiazine heals up the sores by killing the bacteria.

By : Skizit Gesture     Added : 06 May 2016
365 Days of Chemtrails
Take on 12 days of Christmas

By : Skizit Gesture     Added : 06 December 2015
Get this booklet: Email: Get your copy of my Booklet for TI's, what to do, what not to do, shielding, meters, give this to unbelieving family and friends. Everyone needs to know what the government is planning on doing to your body with or without your permission: Obama is going to connect your brain to a government supercomputer by cell phone. Check out Obama's BRAIN INITIATIVE. One of its goals is developing mass brain recording techniques. The brain and cochlear implant goes up your nose with a syringe which can be done while you are sleeping. The implant is just part of the Medical Body Area Network with nodes to monitor the rest of your body. Cell phones are used to communicate with the main node and relay your body's activity to the government and police over the Medical Device Radio Communication Service which works on the 2360-2390 MHz Band and 2390-2400 MHz Bands. VHF and UHF channels are now being used by Medical Body Area Networks. If you have a ham radio, put it on 400 MHz. This is the inquiry signal for Brain monitoring. Stop it by sending on same channel. Also 400.00100, 400.00500, 400.00625, a little above and below 400 MHz. These are the implant signals. Stop them by sending on same channel. See FCC's Rules to Provide Spectrum for the Operation of Medical Body Area Networks. Please email if you would like to know more. See: Pentagon Rolls Out DARPA Plan to Implant Chips in Soldiers' Brains See: Military Funds Brain-Computer Interfaces to Control Feelings by Antonion Regalado, May 29, 2014 See Introduction to New Technologies (Part I) by Patrick Redmond Email: Get your copy of my Booklet for TI's, what to do, what not to do, shielding, meters, give this to unbelieving family and friends. TABLE OF CONTENTS Public Education Table of Contents What is a Targeted Individual? 1 What’s Happening to Targeted Individuals? 4 1. Choose the Target 4 2. Take Their Privacy 5 3. Monitor Communications 6 4. Take Their Income 6 5. Take Their Home 6 6. Take Their Family 7 7. Kill Their Pets 8 8. Put Them in a Mental Hospital 8 9. Destruction of Electronic Equipment 9 10. Financial Burden of Repairing and Replacing Personal Items, Electronics, Appliances and Vehicles 10 11. Surveillance 10 12. Stalking 12 13. Noise Campaign 14 14. Poisoning and Drugging 15 15. Radiation 15 16. Implants 17 17. Medical Care 19 18. Biological Weapons 20 19. Harassment 21 20. Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) 22 21. Sleep Deprivation 23 Why is this Happening? 24 1. The Agenda of the New World Order 24 More Lies and Coverups 24 2. Perfect the Human Race for Some 25 The Georgia Guidestones 26 3. Eliminate Opponents 27 A Battle for the Mind 27 Mind Control Technology 28 Tip Guide for Targets 29 Shielding 29-30

By : Skizit Gesture     Added : 17 March 2015
Original song by Neal Chevrier 2014, Film by Skizit

By : Skizit Gesture     Added : 23 February 2015
Stalking Stage #2: Character: The Phone Pointer
There are radios and GPS devices in Target's home and vehicle so there is nowhere they are not stalked, in grocery stores, restaurants, on the beach, on their own street, in their own home. Their phone calls are listened to, their computers are destroyed, their evidence stolen, photos and files removed from computers. This is what you call "total access". Remote neural monitoring hooks the Target's brain up to the IBM supercomputer so even their awake and asleep time is monitored. As soon as target awakes, they are struck with pain at implant sites or sites on their body where their frequencies are known. Freedom or death?

By : Skizit Gesture     Added : 15 November 2014
Targeted Individual Fried in Radiation
The elitists' slogan is "Progress Slowly" and that is how the surveillance, gangstalking and biological terrorism has come upon us. The Global New World Order has an extermination program quietly running in the background so as not to disrupt society. Instead of gathering all their victims in one place for gassing, they are killing them off quietly with radiation from installations in their homes, from cell towers, other people's cell phones and gadgets. This extinction program will unequal anything else in mankind's history.

By : Skizit Gesture     Added : 16 October 2014
STALKER STAGE: Character The Statue
Gangstalkers play characters as instructed by their "handlers", the people who run the Watch program to intimidate Targets.

By : Skizit Gesture     Added : 14 October 2014

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