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Dr. Vishwas comes to the assistance of accident victim, Ahmedabad-based Javed Siddiqui, the Editor of 'Inquilaab', and the recently appointed Chair of the Inquiry Commission on religious riots that took place in Gujarat during August 2004. He not only medically treats Javed but also drives him to his residence where he lives with his wife, Ayesha. On his way home, Vishwas finds out that Javed has forgotten some documents in his car, and drives back to return them. He does not know that soon he will be taken captive by a gun-toting Ayesha, who also suspects that Javed is having an affair with a woman named Madhu, and who believes that Vishwas had sexually molested her 14 times in 3 days during August 2004.

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Sanjana is a single mother with two kids who moves to a hillside house as she could not afford a house in the city. However, strange things occur in the house and the surroundings. Sanjana is tortured by an invisible demon. Her dog is possessed and attacks her and Vicky, her younger brother. The plot in which the house is situated has an old well in which tribals used to push criminals as a punishment of death. One night, lightning strikes the well and one soul comes out and haunts Sanjana, her dog, daughters and brother. Will she be able to fight this evil soul and save her family before it's too late?

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Vishal Chaudhry is the second child of Assistant Police Commissioner of Police, Ramakant Chaudhry. His eldest child, Vikas, was executed by obscure components, who are still on the loose. Ramakant is straightforward and devoted, and in a degenerate city, is viewed as a noteworthy obligation. Vishal is hottempered, and this frequently drives him into clench hand battles. At the point when Vishal witnesses a murder, and can distinguish the executioner, the child of a noticeable and surely understood individual, his dad doubts his child, and is hesitant to capture the guilty party. He does rethink, and proceeds with the capture, just to have his significant other, Parvati, kidnapped and discharged with a period bomb attached to her midsection. Vishal and Ramakant should now choose whether to spare their mom and spouse individually, or to trade off with the executioner, his dad, and degenerate components inside the police compel itself.

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Gola Barood
Inspector Mahendra Nath carries on with a middle class way of life in Bombay alongside his significant other, and child, Vijay. He is straightforward and persevering which acquires him the awful books of Davar, who at first tries to murder Vijay, however Vijay winds up being saved by a fair truck-driver, Shambhu. At the point when Mahendra goes to vindicate this endeavoured murdering, he himself is shot dead. Vijay pledges to retaliate for his dad's demise by endeavouring to change hoodlums and thus is employed as a Deputy Jailor. Presently Vijay is stunned to discover Shambhu a detainee of this correctional facility. While Shambhu makes it clear that no correctional facility can hold him too long, Vijay acknowledges this test and swears that he will catch and bring back Shambhu at all expenses, furthermore guarantees to explore the explanations for Shambhu's wrongdoing and consequent conviction.

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Ajay Chauhan lives with his dad, mom, and a younger sister. He is in love with Pooja, and hopes to marry her someday. His dad wants him to get a job and settle down, and then get married. Ajay applies for a job in Mumbai, and soon receives a letter asking him to appear for an interview. He appeares for the interview, and is hired. Delighted to see all his dreams coming true, he goes to offer his thanks to God, and it is there a woman named Pratika Jetley who sees him and notifies the police that he is indeed the one who had brutally raped three young women in a college campus. Who is Pratika and why does she want to spoil Ajay's career?

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It is a story revolving around a carefree guy Raja who likes to live his life to its fullest. Appointed as a college professor by mistake, happy go lucky Raja finds the rich girl of his dreams but must confront a look a like con man named Rocky to win her father's approval. The plot thickens when Raja pretends to be Rocky, and Rocky pretends to be Raja. But both don't know that this mistake will engulf them for years to come. What happens when they start playing each other's role? Will Raja find his way through? Watch out the full movie to know more.

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Sachidanand Agnihotri is an honest school teacher. He comes forward to testify against the sexual assault and murder of a young woman. Sachidanand points an accusing finger at Nagesh, the son of a prominent and influential man Jaspal Rana. Due to his statement the police are bound to arrest Nagesh and put him behind the bars. But soon Sachidanand is psychologically tortured and forced to commit suicide. His young son Vishal then takes the law into his own hands in order to avenge his father.

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Ajay Nath lives with his wealthy parents and has the bad habit of lying to get his way around his parents. Once to convince his parents to allow him to go for an outing with his college friends to Kashmir, Ajay lies about him being a cancer patient and gets his claim certified by Dr. Punjabi, a family friend. In Kashmir, Ajay falls in love with a girl named Geeta. When they both agree to get married, Ajay is informed that he indeed has cancer and that his days are numbered. Will Geeta still marry Ajay?

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Mela (1948)
Mohan (Dilip Kumar) and Manju (Nargis), friends since childhood, love each other and want to marry each other. Mohan decides to go into town to buy jewelry for the marriage. On the way he is robbed and becomes unconscious with his injuries landing him in a hospital. Village panchayat asks Manju to marry on her fixed marriage date. A 70-year old groom is found for Manju, He asks her to care for his children and soon passes away. One night in stormy weather, she goes out to meet Mohan, and is killed when she falls off a cliff. Villagers arrive to convict Mohan of murdering Manju. Mohan says nothing in his defense and is sentenced to twenty years imprisonment. On release from jail, Mohan goes to the same place where Manju had died. He sees her spirit, who beckons him to follow her. As he does, he falls off the cliff edge and dies.

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Naache Naagin Gali Gali
The story of the film is a loving pair of Self willed Snakes who are departed by a cruel Tantrik, the black magic man. The black-magician wants to obtain the rare precious gem known as Mani, with whose help he could reach Amar Kund and have both to get rid of a curse of a woman, whose child he had killed. She had cursed him that he would die with leprosy after fifteen years. To avoid this the pair of self-willed snakes become small children and merge with the crowds in a fair. The boy snake Nagesh, meets a boy Kamal, who resembles with him and who is a rich man's son. Tantrik kidnaps Kamal thinking that he is Nagesh, the snake boy. Similarly Nagesh is taken to the rich man's house by his servants assuming that he is Kamal. The snake girl, Mohini, reaches the gypsy father and his son, who are street singers. The Tantrik, when comes to know of his mistake, wants to kill Kamal, but Tantrik's wife saves his life and adopts him as her son. The time moves on. Nagesh, Mohini and Kamal become young. Will the three ever unite again?

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Sadak Chhap
Born on the street, without any knowledge of his parents, Shankar (Jackie Shroff) lives his life as an urchin, on petty thievery and con games. He is well known to the police because of his petty crimes. Rich and beautiful Natasha (Richa Sharma), niece of a well-known Member of Parliament, Dharamdas (Amrish Puri) falls for him, but Shankar is in love with some one else. Shankar comes to know that his father is alive. He soon meets up with him, and with the help of Natasha, comes across a closely guarded conspiracy involving people he has known for a long time. What is that conspiracy? Watch the fulll movie.

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Dushman Devta
It is a story revolving around Shiva and his struggle. A small town in rural India is being terrorized by wild animals and bandits. A man named Shiva enters town and develops friendship with Dinanath who stands against the terror. Dinanath asks help from Shiva to protect the town. Soon Dinanath gets imprisoned and then gets killed. Shiva is blamed for the same and is beaten badly. But some compassionate townspeople rescue him as they think he is Lord Shiva reincarnated to save their town. They do not know that Shiva is an escaped convict, and by playing God to the simple-minded townspeople, he is merely whiling for time, so that he can carry out his very own secret agenda. What Shiva actually wants to do? Watch the movie.

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Mera Lahoo
Widowed Avanti Singh lives a poor lifestyle in an Indian village, along with two sons, Dharam and Govinda, and a daughter, Preeti, who is married to a Police Inspector. Dharam gets married to Pavitra, who has a look alike sister, Geeta, who meets with and falls in love with fellow collegian Govinda. Pavitra has an admirer in Dhaneshwar, a local wealthy Zamindar and aspiring politician, but Pavitra shuns him. Govinda and Pavitra share a special relationship and Dharam suspects them of having an affair, arguments ensue and Govinda is asked to leave. He re-locates to live with a former enemy, Chennu, and returns home to find that Avanti had prevented Dhaneshwar from molesting Pavitra, and Dharam, who went to avenge this humiliation, was killed. Enraged, Govinda rushes to kill Dhaneshwar, but ends up killing Raunaki. What price will Govinda and Dharam have to pay to prove their innocence?

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Renowned singer Ravi (Rishi Kapoor) is popular within his community and soon gets married to one of his fans, a young dancer girl named Kajal (Divya Bharti). After their marriage things go wrong and his scheming uncle, Dhirendra Pratap (Amrish Puri) and cousin kill him to usurp his wealth. His wife Kajal and mother, Laxmi Devi, both are completely shaken and relocate to a new city in order to wash away their troubled past. There she gets to meet the wealthy and care-free Raja Sahai (Shah Rukh Khan), who proposes marriage to her but she refuses and wants to live as Ravi's widow but destiny has other plans for her. Watch the movie.

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Do Premee
Young Chetan Prakash and beautiful Payal are in love and would like to marry each other. Their respective fathers, Daulatram and Retired Col. Bhagwant Singh, have other plans and want them to marry the spouses of their choice. So Chetan and Payal decide to elope, and marry on the run. Bhagwant Singh advertises in the newspapers for his missing daughter, and offers a handsome reward for her return. Chetan finds a job as a chauffeur, and Payal works as a maid in a house, and they become absorbed in their daily chores, not realizing that their employer, Geeta, is under the power and influence of a gangster named Shivlal, who operates a religious sect under the name of Mahayogi, and who has a gas chamber that he uses to kill people who disagree with him.

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