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Synagogue Toledo 2017
This is the oldest Synagogue building still standing in Europe. Built in 1180 by the Christian Monarchs constructed by Muslim Architects for the use of Jews. Just speechless. It is a beautiful structure and very well maintained. Also check my blog on Toledo please check it out. https://shebaskitchen.blogspot.com/2017/12/my-travel-to-toledo-spain.html Please do not forget to subscribe so that I can directly share with you.

By : Sheba Fehmi     Added : 04 December 2017
Watch this person perform at a Traffic Light in Spain
He was there performing at a Traffic Light. As soon as the light turned Red he showed up - had timed his performance well so that as soon as the light turned green he had already completed his act and moved out.

By : Sheba Fehmi     Added : 02 December 2017
Highlights of My Spain Trip
We recently took a trip to Spain. Here is a brief video highlighting some parts of the trip. I wrote this blog on Food in Spain. Check it out. https://shebaskitchen.blogspot.com/2017/12/food-in-spain.html

By : Sheba Fehmi     Added : 01 December 2017
Travel App takes care of your health
Only App that focuses on the health of the travelers. Provides information on vaccinations needed for 200 countries, info on Travel related conditions like blood clots, jet lags, motion sickness, travelers diarrhea, tikka infection. App comes with a packing list and to do list. Save your passport and other information on the App. No Wifi needed to access the information.

By : Sheba Fehmi     Added : 29 July 2017
Yellow Rice
This is my favorite recipe. Simple and easy needs very little of spices. Basmati rice, some mixed vegetables, 4 small potatoes and a Green Chili is all that you need for this dish. Add some spices and the dish will be done in no time using a pressure cooker, my favorite utensil. If you have never cooked rice in a pressure cooker give it a try. You will love the results.

By : Sheba Fehmi     Added : 04 July 2017
Fish in Mango Salsa
Another simple and easy Fish Recipe. With Mango season lets try this one. You will love it. Please do send in your comments. I read all comments

By : Sheba Fehmi     Added : 15 May 2017
Fish Cooked with Cilantro and Lime
This Quick and Easy delicious dish will awe anyone. Try it and you will be surprised how simple it is. Get the ingredients and you can cook this in less than 25 minutes, start to finish. Eat it with rice or bread.

By : Sheba Fehmi     Added : 16 May 2016
Haleem cooked in pressure cooker
This one is for my Father. He wanted me to cook this his way. The dish is still delicious and full of protein. I hope that you will try it and sure you can make changes. I will post the ingredients on my website once my website has been updated.

By : Sheba Fehmi     Added : 10 January 2016
Shrimp (Prawns) Stir Fry -
Simple cannot get any better than this. Quick and easy Shrimp Stir fry. Gather all the ingredients and in 10 minutes you have a fresh tasty dish. Enjoy this with rice.

By : Sheba Fehmi     Added : 09 November 2015
Kadahee Chicken at Lake City
We are getting to the end of summer. On one of the hottest days our friends decided to Cook the best Kadahee Chicken on a Picnic. Two young men braved the heat and cooked it right there. Both recipes were different but amazingly delicious and finger liking. Thank you guys for a great fun filled PICINIC.

By : Sheba Fehmi     Added : 16 August 2015
Kofta Curry - Meat Ball Curry
Not a traditional way of cooking Kofta. After trying several different ways I think this one gets me the closest to the traditional way. Check it out and you be the judge. Do not forget to comment.

By : Sheba Fehmi     Added : 03 August 2015
Relaxing Video - Get rid of stress and simply relax
This video will help you relax. Get rid of those stressful thoughts. Simply lie down and listen to the video. Do comment on how you felt after. You may have to try it couple of times and your mind will switch from the default mode to focused mode. You will enjoy and be happy.

By : Sheba Fehmi     Added : 14 June 2015
Jama Masjid Delhi
This is a compilation of pictures from the famous Jama Masjid Mosque in Delhi India. The mosque was built by Moghul ruler Shahjahan, same ruler who built Taj Mahal.

By : Sheba Fehmi     Added : 29 March 2015
Baked Salmon Fish with Almonds
This is a very simple but tasty recipe that uses a mix of east and west. Baked with Thyme to add a very unique flavor. Get the recipe at my website

By : Sheba Fehmi     Added : 13 October 2014
Sheer Recipe
With Eid there is Sheer and here is a very simple recipe that has worked for me over the years. I posted this several years back and am posting it again with some edits

By : Sheba Fehmi     Added : 26 July 2014

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