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Bella Pranks Luella!
Luella Thinks she's having so much bad luck, but little does she know, that Bella is Behind all of it! Watch to find out what happens... Have a tremendous Thursday, Bye! Music By Kevin Macleod.

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 27 July 2017
The Summer Vacation PRANKSTER!
Ella and Lia are on vacation in Palm Springs visiting their grandparents. Lia is freaked out by all the creepy crawly things the desert is known for! Ella just so happens to have the right stuff to prank Lia with! See all the pranks that Ella pulls on Lia! Comment down below what your favorite prank was.

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 26 July 2017
Bratty Baby Brooklyn's Pranks!!
This week’s theme on Seven Awesome Kids is Pranks and Bratty Baby Brittney won’t leave Kadence alone, so she can film her video for the week. What pranks does Bratty Baby Brittney play on Kadence??? Watch to find out! Have a Marvelous Magical Monday!! *HUGS* Kadence Music: Josh Woodward & Jason Shaw

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 24 July 2017
Lyla Wins the Ultimate Summer Prize!
Lyla thinks her summer break is boring. However when she hears about a contest for the Ultimate Summer Prize on the radio, she tries her best to win. Music by Josh Woodward and Kevin MacLeod

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 23 July 2017
Alexis Accidentally Gives Away Teddie's Favorite Doll!
Alexis and Teddie are going through their toys to donate what they don't play with anymore. But once Teddie leaves to go to practice, Alexis accidentally puts Teddie's favorite doll in the give away box. Thanks for Watching!!! xoxo Alexis Music by Kevin MacLeod: Carpe Diem, Two Fingered Johnny High Quality, Monkeys Spinning Monkeys, Hackbeat, Divertimento K131, Radio Martini, Dreamy Flashback, Trouble, Vivacity

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 22 July 2017
Luella's Sister Joins SAK!
Is there a new member on SAK? Luella's sister wants to join, watch to find out what happens... Have a Tremendous Thursday, Bye! Music By Kevin Macleod.

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 20 July 2017
Ella's Summer Job FAILS!
Ella is bored and thinks about getting a summer job! But what would be the best job for her? See all the crazy things that happen to her!

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 19 July 2017
Annoying Jacob Challenges Kadence!
Annoying Jacob spends the afternoon with Kadence trying to tell her boys are better than girls. The two have some pool challenges to see if that is true. Watch to find out if Jacob or Kadence wins. *HUGS* Kadence Music: Kevin Macleod, Jason Shaw, & Josh Woodward.

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 17 July 2017
The Old Love Letter Scavenger Hunt!
Lyla's grandma borrows her a bag to pack for their trip. While packing her bag, she comes across an old letter stuffed into the pocket. It's a letter that is over 55 years old and appears to be a love letter from her grandpa to her grandma. In it, she realizes there is an unfinished scavenger hunt. Will she be able to locate the missed mementos from the past? Thanks for watching! Music by Kevin MacLeod

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 16 July 2017
The Old Letter in a Bottle
Alexis is taking a walk on the beach when she comes across a bottle with an old letter in it. Who wrote it and can she find them? Watch to find out. This is just a skit and the addresses and phone numbers in this video are not real. Thanks for Watching! xoxo Alexis Music by Kevin MacLeod: Beach Bum, Feelin' Good Music by Josh Wood ward: Swimming in Turpentine, Tick Tock, Show Me, The Bottom

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 15 July 2017
Can the Old Letter Save the world!
Luella finds an 'old' Letter, but doesn't know who wrote it, little does she know, is that there is great danger in the future ahead... watch to find out what happens... Have a Tremendous Thursday, Bye! Music By Kevin Macleod.

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 13 July 2017
Ella and the Rare Time Capsule!
Ella finds a rare time capsule that had been buried in her yard for 67 years. It is from the 1950's, and it is loaded with all kinds of cool things from the past. Watch to find out what was in it. Comment down below what items you would put in your time capsule.

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 12 July 2017
Kadence's Old Letter is a Bust!
Kadence finds what she thinks is an old letter in the hotel she is staying out. It takes her on a fun hunt, so she thinks. Does she find all the clues??? *HUGS* Kadence Music: Kevin McLoed & John Woodward

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 10 July 2017
The Voice from Under the Bed
Lyla starts hearing a mysterious voice coming from under her bed. At first it scares her but then Lyla remembers a very important detail. Music by Kevin MacLeod

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 09 July 2017
Alexis Finds a Surprise Present
Alexis' mom promises her a surprise present if she finishes her summer reading project early. She does, but then has to hunt for the present. She eventually finds it under her moms bed, but what is it? Watch to find out! Thanks for Watching!!! xoxo Alexis Music by Kevin MacLeod: Montauk Point, Kool Kats, Feelin Good, Funkorama, The Builder, Lobby Time, Quirky Dog, Casa Bossa Nova, Beachfront Celebration, Fluffing a Duck, Happy Alley

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 08 July 2017

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