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Memory of Dr Nitin Vinzoda
My Paras. I missed you..the great innocent... My Paras..... He is always in my heart.

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The Mamaidev in Makli Necropolis,Thatta, Sindh.
The Mamaidev was a great Sufi Saint of Sindh & predictors of future events,his Shrine is Located in Makli Graveyard/Necropolis it is largest Necropolis in the world. Maheshwary of Sindh, India are the followers of the Mamaidev, we thanks to Mayur Kochra for creating such beautiful Video.

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The Mamaidev's Nirvana Destination Makli.
The Tomb of the Mamaidev is located in Makli necropolis/ graveyard which is UNESCO world heritage site in Thatta.Sindh.Pakistan. the Maheshwari community is the follower of the Mamaidev. The Mamaidev Nirvana in 1389 A.D.

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Memory of My beloved Son Paras,who nirvana/left this mortal world.. in 28th March 2007/it is not farewell,we will be back in next incarnation, agale janma me ham jaroor milenge PARAS I love U.

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Mamaidev & Ghumali
The mamaidev was a great Philosopher and predictor in 13th century.the Jethwa dynasty of Saurashtra king was the devotee of Mamaidev, Maheshwary meghvar are the Follower of Barmati and mahesh dharma of Mamaidev, It is Ancient Ghumali fort, which was the prosperous capital of Saurashtra Gujarat India,Ghumali was attacked by Muslim Invaders allahudin khilji ,and destroyed Ghumali town. now Ghumali regains its glory and Shiva Navalakha temple and GHUMALI reconstructed by govt of India.. Maheshwary are the devotee of mamaidev,,,Ghumali is the Memory of the great MAMAIDEV,

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kadamgiri Hill Palitana Gujarat
Kadamgiri Hill is holy pilgrimage of Jain and Maheshwary community, it is located in Palitana town of Gujarat Jain God Neminath preached to jain before 2500 years while Matang dev preached to maheshwary community ,in 9th century,at Kadamgiri hill, AKHATRIJ in the month of Vaisakh month is the nirvan day of Matangdev he was 10th Incarnation of shiva Matangeshwar,his ancient teple of matang is located at Khajuraho,UNESCO world heritage site Khajuraho MP state of India, which is only ancient where religious ceremony is held. khajuraho is world Tourist Atraction poins ,the temples are carved with ancient arts. Kadam giir Hill is sacred pilgrimage Maheshwary commmunity of Sindh, Saurashtra and Kutch, for more info. visit our website http://mamaidev.vinzoda Author Nitin Vinzoda Jamnagar,

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Wonder Baby Ashley.& Ghumali,Mamaidev.
Jamnagar Ghumali memory of a great philosopher of Mamaidev. The king Jethwa dynasty were follower of mamaidev, his son Meghanand has done vanaz yagna at Ghumali.. during gGumali was invaded by Muslim invader in 13th century, and he destroyed Ghumali town which was a prosperious state of Jethwa kings... Mamaidev save the king Jethwa.he preached to Maheshwary of Saurashtra, Sindh, kutch and Bhavnagar states, Ancient sclupture is of lord Ganesha, it is Holy Pilgrimage of Maheshwary, festival is held in the month of chaitra choth.lakhs of Maheshwary are coming from various state of india and celebrating festival....By Nitin vinzoda Jamnagar...more info..visit our website

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mamaidev and Ghumali by Nitin Vinzoda
Ghumali is located in Jamnagar district of Gujarat India, 90 km from Jamnagar,Ghumali ancient remains of Indus valley civilization, Ghumali was the prosperous capital town of Saurashtra state of India, in 12 and 13th century Ghumali was attacked by Jam unar Invader from Sindh and Solanki king of Gujarat, then Ghumali was destroyed by Muslim invader Khilaji, The Jethwa dynasty king of Jethwa werefollowers of Barmati dharam of Mamaidev,Mamaidev Lost His Son Marchand in the war of Ghumali.his son meghanand have done Vanaz yagna, now Ghumali Shivalakha temple of shiva,and Ganesha temples are renovated by Archaeological survey of India, Amazing Ghumali regains its Glory, Ganesha and Ghumali is Holy Pilgrimage of Maheshwary of Sindh, kutch and Saurashtra, it is tourist attraction, Amazing Ghumali, It is beauty...posted . By Nitin Vinzoda more info visit our blog

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Wonder Baby & Mamaidev,Ghumali Jamnagar
Ghumali is the remains ancient Indus valley civilization. Gumali was the capital of Kathiyavad state of Gujarat, Location 90 km from Jamnagar, Ghumali was prosperious state, so that Muslim Invaders and Solanki dynasty and Unar Jam king of Sindh attacked on Ghumali it was destroyed by Muslim invader in 13th century,now Navlakha shiva temples is renovated by archeological dept pf India. Gumali regains its glorious history, here is the memory of the great mamaidev who preached to maheshwary community, he lost his son marchand in war,with muslim Invaders. and his son meghnand have done Vanaz yagna in 13th century, Ganesha and Ghumali is the holy Pilgrimage of Maheshwary..and beautiful tourist place to visit,

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Wonder Baby Ashley of Maheshwary
The Wonder Girl child ashley is just 3 month old Maheshwary Girl child,and Dancing with Music, she Gifft of God.. I love Girl child by my heart and soul, she is our wonder baby,our precious Girl child,from Pune, natural and Innocent kid....Amazing Girl child.SAVE THE GIRL CHIL, this is Social Message....please odonot neglet your Girl child,,,,this wonderful Baby is created by God....she is Daughter of God.....this Video is uploaded by Nitin Vinzoda jamnagar Pune,please visit our website for more on Girld child..

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Wonder Baby Ashley Maheshwary
Social Message save the Girl child, our 3 month old Ashley Singing the song on Music, Precious wonder Baby is the Gift of God,,,I Love Girl child..i request to friends please you do not neglet your Girl child, they have right to take birth on the earth.they are our diamond of our society,,if you do not care your Girl child your survival of earth is not Posible uploaded by Nitin Vinzoda Pune India, please visit our website on Girl child,

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fire game sky.AVI
In the marriage ceremony of a friend...during processes of marriage

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Wonder Baby Ashley perimita
1 year old Girl child of maheshwary, community, Kids are gift of God playing with music and dancing and singing Song,at Motel Rajwadi resort Jamnagar, save th Girl child,,WONDER BABY..this video is uploaded by Nitin Vinzoda,... more info. on our website.. By NITIN VINZODA JAMNAGAR.....I love Girl child.....

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