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Mullivaikkal remembrance 2011 London.
British Tamils Forum (BTF) organised a Vigil today at Trafalgar Square (London) and thousands of Tamils and others attended to pay respect to their relatives / friends and families who were victims of the civil war in Sri Lanka. It marks the second anniversary of the end of the war. Rights Activists, prominent Members of the British Parliament, Members of the European Parliament and International Lawyers participated and many of them made short speeches and unsurprisingly, everyone called for an independent international investigation into allegations of war crimes and the ongoing human rights abuses. Even two years after the war ended, 146,679 persons are unaccounted for; over 40,000 civilians are feared killed in the spring of 2009 alone. A UN Report published last month accused both the Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE of potential war crimes, but its findings were dismissed as "baseless, biased and unilateral" by the Colombo government, which also tried to stall its publication. Government soldiers have been accused of shelling hospitals, targeting civilians and attacking aid workers, while rebels are said to have used civilians as shields and shot those attempting to flee the fighting. Members of the British Parliament and Members of the European Parliament from the UK's main parties addressed the crowd and sent out strong messages

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Channel 4 News on 30th November 2010, More war crime allegations shown on the News. More than five hundred Tamils gathered at London's Heathrow airport to protest as Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa landed from Colombo. As Sri Lankan Airlines flight UL509 carrying Mr. Rajapaksa, who is on a private visit, landed at about 9:50 p.m. UK time, protestors braved Britain's unusually cold weather to call attention to his government's war crimes. Meanwhile, a senior Norwegian expert on the conflict in Sri Lanka advised Tamil activists to concentrate on country-level legal moves, rather than waiting for any global or governmental actors to take the lead. Tamils should forge alliances with legal, alternative, and human rights groups to fight the legal battle, the expert told Norwegian Country Council representatives, who welcomed the British demonstration. New video evidence shows that Sri Lankan forces killed more people including women and abuse them during the war in Vanni. These video has been send to the UN to Identify these war crime allegations.

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Sam Pari1.wmv
Aljazeera TV interview Sam Pari from Australia for GTF war crime allegation.

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