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kaisone gave laos to viet2
Nguyen Cai Song ໄກສອນ ພົມວິຫານ ເຊັນ ມອບ ປະເທສລາວ ໃຫ້ Pham Van Dong on July 18, 19977.

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Kaisone gave Laos to vietnam
ໄກສອນ ພົມວິຫານ Nguyen Cai Song ເຊັນມອບປະເທສລາວ Phan Van Dong July 18, 1977

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for lao compatriot
ຂໍຝາກ ຄຳກາຣ ນີ້ ແດ່ພີ່ນ້ອງຊາງລາວຜູ່ ຮັກຊາຕທັງຫລາຍ

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Lao or Viet.mpg
Right now they have more and more vietnamese in Laos.Some travaler don't know who is viet or who is Lao. Why Vietnamese moved to Laos more and more because Kaisone signed special friendship with Phan Van Dong ion July 18, 1977, Laos is one state of Vietnam.

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peng lao pen lao.mpg
Lao Pen Lao Song for Lao People around the world

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Lao PDR Leader are Lao Ling Khai Xat.

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Lao Student in Poland Protest.mpg
Lao Student in Poland Protest Lao Communist government. Lao people around the world thanks to Lao student in Poland protested the communist government who sent them to Eastern Europe for study. Now they found out that Lao Communist Government are BIG LIAR AND CORRUPTION those students are run away from big liar communist government. Thank you and appreciate and keep good work for our country.

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Lao don't need dictator regime.mpg
Lao people inside Lao and around the world don't need Dictator Regime. Lao Dictator leader please step down and get out. Vietnamese Communist getout of Laos.

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Lao PDR Leader give laopeople land to business.mpg
Lao Pdr Leader take the land from Lao people than sell to foreign investor.

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vietnam move landmark to Laos.mpg
Vietnamese move viet Lanmark to take over Lao Land. Vietnam killed Colonel Sengkeo Battalion 645 Chief Southern Lao don't like vietnam take Lao Log. 'HE IS VIRAXON LAO"

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viet follow up lao debt.mpg
Vietnamese can take everything from Laos. log, gold ect....because lao leader is vietnames slave.

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Human Right Abuse in Lao.mpg
Lao PDR Leader don't Respect The Universal Declaration of Human rights and abuse international laws.

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Lao PDR Feed Vietnam Troop.mpg
Laos will be one state of Vietnam shortly. Vietnam can do everything they want take lao log, lao gold mine ect...because Lao PDR Leader is Vietnam slave.

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viet lead laopdr leader.mpg
Viet lead Laopdr Leader. Vietnamese can take everything they want from Laos to Vietnam log and gold mine ect.....

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Lao can't getout the poor.mpg
Lao People inside Laos are very poor, but LaoPDR Leader are very rich. WHY?

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