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Trading Oil Feb 2016
Just wanted to show a couple different names I am looking at going into the next week few weeks for a potential rally off the lows.

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 05 February 2016
Market Update 11/15/15
Discussing what the markets look like & what I am looking for going into the end of the year.

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 15 November 2015
My Favorite Stocks To Trade
Here are the lists I refer to in the video for you to download. I am using ThinkorSwim. i am watching you - high shorts - sectors -

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 22 August 2015
Market Update 8/7/15
Just going over what I am seeing in the overall market.

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 07 August 2015
Live Trade on PCLN
I swing trade PCLN into earnings and document the whole trade….the ups & the downs. Ended up being a great overall trade. For more videos & info go to

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 06 August 2015
Live Trade on GMCR
I trade the breakout on GMCR for a nice overnight trade.

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 29 July 2015
Market Thoughts July 26th
Quick outlook going into monday

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 26 July 2015
Live Earnings Trade on AMZN
I short premium into earnings on AMZN and it goes against me badly.

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 24 July 2015
Live Earnings Trade on CMG
I highlighted this trade setup on our watchlist the prior night and thought I would record me doing the trade to show what selling premium around earnings might look like. @camar024 @stockgarage

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 22 July 2015
Live Trade on NFLX #2
I trade NFLX post earnings and sell premium (iron condor) into a massive move. @camar024 @stockgarage

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 22 July 2015
Why I Stopped Sharing Trades
Just wanted to let people know why…

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 16 July 2015
Live Trade UVXY
I fight the trend in UVXY, stick with my game plan despite it taking over a week to work out.

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 13 July 2015
Live Trade on NFLX
Here is video of a multi-day trade that went against me terribly but I stayed patient and held through the pain to manage to turn this losing trade into a winning trade. @camar024 @stockgarage

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 16 June 2015
Live Trade on FSLR
I buy FSLR prior to a breakout and then sell into resistance. I was both early on the entry and early on the exit and I discuss why that is so important. @camar024 @stockgarage

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 15 June 2015
Live Trade on INTC
Here is a Live trade that on INTC. I show why it’s important to stick with a losing position if the setup hasn’t changed.

By : Cam24Trader     Added : 12 June 2015

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