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By : chetan kirange     Added : 20 September 2017

By : ABP Majha     Added : 23 June 2016
abp majha afternoon superfast news bulletin

By : ABP Majha     Added : 10 June 2016
Pune : Hadapsar Murder

By : ABP Majha     Added : 19 June 2016
सांगली : मासा आणि साप यांच्यात झुंज
दोन श्वापदांची झुंज आपण बऱ्याचदा पाहिली असेल. पण दुर्मिळ झुंज पाहून तुम्ह...

By : ABP Majha     Added : 21 November 2016
Thanks To ABP Majha TV Chanal for by giving Attention towards us.
Above 50 % Teachers (Primary,Secondary,Higher Edu., even Teacher Educators) in India are living on few rupees salary/zero salary, discontinue salary with mentaly disturbed.. it is greatest...

By : Shekhar Patil     Added : 10 December 2014
Dabang Delhi Kabaddi Club (DDKC) on ABP Majha TV - 21 June 2016
ABP Majha 21 June 2016 08min 31sec Dabang Delhi.

By : Chirag Bhanushali     Added : 22 June 2016
ABP Majha TV news about Ojas Kabra
3 year 2 month old Ojas Kabra recited PERIODIC TABLE of 118 elements in Chronological order & news was aired by ABP Majha.

By : neelkabras     Added : 08 October 2017
Raj Thackeray Live Speech on note bandi ABP Majha TV
Watch on ABP Majha TV, Raj Thackeray live on note ban. Rs.500 and 1000 demonetization. Raj Thackeray Live 500 and 1000 Rs. demonetization.

By : Shrinivas Bhivaskar     Added : 19 November 2016
Abp majha tv
Monkey at god.

By : Rahul Wable     Added : 23 July 2017
These CCTV footages of horrifying accidents will send chills down your spine
These CCTV footages of horrifying accidents will send chills down your spine. These accidents took place on the greater Noida expressway. Watch how vehicles being driven at a minimum speed...

By : ABP NEWS     Added : 19 August 2015
बातम्या सुपरफास्ट : राज्यातील महत्त्वाच्या बातम्यांचा वेगवान आढावा
For latest breaking news, other top stories log on to: http://abpmajha.abplive.in/ & https://www.youtube.com/abpmajhalive.

By : ABP Majha     Added : 02 January 2018
Mumbai court condemns five to death for deadly train bombings
A Mumbai court has sentenced five men to death for the serial bombings of commuter trains in the sprawling city. ==#मुंबईस्फोट: 11 मिनिटात 7 स्फोट,...

By : euronews (in English)     Added : 30 September 2015

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