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Liposomes For All!
Herbalist shows you how to make an edible liposome that is good for all to eat

By : HerbsPlusBeadWorks     Added : 05 September 2017
Skin Formula Without the B/S
Herbalist shows you how to put a skin formula together good for multi purpose including nano poisoning and aging

By : HerbsPlusBeadWorks     Added : 29 July 2017
Knocking Out BioFilm From Your Body
Herbalist shows you how to rid biofilm from your body using a shot of alcohol mixed with essential oils.

By : HerbsPlusBeadWorks     Added : 01 June 2017
Salt In Yourself
Herbalist shows you how use heated sea salt wrapped in cloth with vineger (or essential oil) to heal skin lesions, fungus and/or joint pains. augmentinforce.50webs.com

By : HerbsPlusBeadWorks     Added : 24 April 2017
Protecting Yourself Against Frequencies and Nano
Herbalist shows you how to make simple magnetic devices to disrupt the bombardment of frequencies and nano that surround you. For more information, please visit: augmentinforce.50webs.com

By : HerbsPlusBeadWorks     Added : 31 March 2017
Anti-Nano Triangle
Warning: This video deals with electricity and advises to use low voltage DC power only for healing purposes. Please do not attempt unless you understand all the steps outlined in this video. Herbalist shows you to build an electromagnetic device to kill off anti-nano programming. This device is intended to be used with salt baths to eliminate the nano infecting your body.

By : HerbsPlusBeadWorks     Added : 09 March 2017
Removing Nano From Your Food
Herbalist shows you how to effectively extract nano from your food through juicing and using an oil to filter the nano out. http://augmentinforce.50webs.com/ http://independz.podomatic.com/

By : HerbsPlusBeadWorks     Added : 23 February 2017
How to Make a Colloidal Gold and Zinc Citrate (Combined Video)
Herbalist shows you how to make a Colloidal Gold and Zinc Citrate Save your money!

By : HerbsPlusBeadWorks     Added : 06 January 2017
Formula For Prostate Issues
Tony shows you how to support your prostate by combining magnesium citrate, (real) aspirin and cayenne pepper.

By : HerbsPlusBeadWorks     Added : 13 December 2016
How To Make the AntiNano Device
Herbalist shows you how to assemble the AntiNano bucket. Please observe the WARNING message in the beginning of video. For more information, please visit independz.wix.com/antinano-set-up-pail

By : HerbsPlusBeadWorks     Added : 11 March 2016
Talking About Vaccines
Herbalist discusses some of the dangers of getting your children vaccinated and explains some alternatives

By : HerbsPlusBeadWorks     Added : 21 January 2016
Easier Way to Make a Liposome
Followup video to making a Liposome. Ingredients used in this video include: - powdered lecithin - ATP - ginger powder - hawthorne berry - adenine - colloidal copper - distilled water

By : HerbsPlusBeadWorks     Added : 09 December 2015
Scalp Formula
Herbalist shows you how to make formula to regenerate your hair with potential for new growth. Ingredients: castile soap, 1-2 oz coffee extract, 10-20 drops rosemary essential oil, and colloidal copper. Optional ingredient: MSM

By : HerbsPlusBeadWorks     Added : 31 October 2015
AntiNano Device
Warning: this device can cause an electric shock if not handled properly. To avoid harm, please contact a professional if you are unsure about information provided in this video. Anti-Nano device is basically a container wrapped with a copper wire like a coil around container. Then use a laptop adaptor cable to power the coil

By : HerbsPlusBeadWorks     Added : 18 September 2015
Grounding Yourself
Herbalist shows you how to decompress using copper mesh and/or aluminum foil

By : HerbsPlusBeadWorks     Added : 27 August 2015

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