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Serena Williams has a meltdown at the US Open
Serena Williams gets into it with umpire.

By : WPTV News | West Palm Beach Florida     Added : 09 September 2018
[FULL] 2018 US Open trophy ceremony with Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka | ESPN
After a drama-filled match between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka, Osaka is crowned the victor during the US Open Women's Ceremony. Serena Williams ...

By : ESPN     Added : 09 September 2018
Shocking US Open final as Serena Williams loses, breaks her racket
A heart-pounding turn of events at the US Open Women's Championship final as Serena Williams is defeated by Naomi Osaka and slams her racket to the ...

By : ABC News     Added : 09 September 2018
Serena Williams Breaks Down Her Most Iconic Tennis Matches | GQ
GQ cover star Serena Williams takes us through her twenty-year career and some of her most iconic matches. Serena breaks down some of her most legendary ...

By : GQ     Added : 15 November 2018
Serena Williams is GQ Woman of The Year
Serena Williams was named GQ Woman of The Year but some people are mad they put quotes around the word woman. Real fam, do you think the quotes are ...

By : The Real Daytime     Added : 14 November 2018
Serena Williams' U.S. Open penalty has critics crying double standard
Former tennis great Billie Jean King says there's a double standard in tennis when it comes to rules applied to women compared to men.

By : CityNews Toronto     Added : 09 September 2018
2018 US Open Press Conference: Serena Williams
Naomi Osaka defeats Serena Williams in 2018 US Open Championship Match highlights: Watch Live: ...

By : US Open Tennis Championships     Added : 09 September 2018
AO Classics: Serena Williams v Maria Sharapova (2015 F)
Make sure to subscribe to keep up with the latest Australian Open TV news: Welcome To The Official Australian Open TV YouTube ...

By : Australian Open TV     Added : 13 December 2018
Did Sexism Cost Serena Williams U.S. Open Title? | The View

By : The View     Added : 10 September 2018
Was Serena Williams a Victim of Sexism in the US Open Final? | Good Morning Britain
Serena Williams has been fined $17000 for three code violations in her US Open final match against Naomi Osaka. Former professional British No. 1 female ...

By : Good Morning Britain     Added : 10 September 2018
Shut Up Serena Williams
It wasn't sexism. You're just a sore loser. Facebook @ FOLLOW Paul Joseph Watson ...

By : Paul Joseph Watson     Added : 13 September 2018
Serena Williams vs Male Players
Serena Williams vs Male Players.

By : Tennis Passion     Added : 12 April 2018
Racist, sexist or out of order: Serena Williams debate
The governing body of women's tennis has backed Serena William's claim that it was "sexism" that led to her being penalised in the final of the US Tennis Open.

By : Channel 4 News     Added : 10 September 2018
Serena Williams: Victim of Sexism or Sore Loser?
Serena Williams cries sexism after receiving penalties from umpire Carlos Ramos during her Grand Slam tennis match with Japan's Naomi Osaka. Did the ...

By : America Uncovered     Added : 11 September 2018

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