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Ellen's Sketchbook: Salma Hayek's Cake-tastrophe
If you thought Salma Hayek's stories were animated, wait until you see them... animated!

By : TheEllenShow     Added : 26 September 2017
Salma Hayek Thought Her Husband Was Having an Affair with an App
Salma Hayek catches Jimmy up on her home life, including a not-so-intimate hot air balloon ride with her daughter and a questionable message she spotted on her husband's phone. Subscribe NOW...

By : The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon     Added : 22 April 2017
From Dusk Till Dawn - Salma Hayek (HQ)
Snakedance performed by Salma Hayek. Song from "Tito & Tarantula". Several members of the band were also featured in From Dusk Till Dawn, playing as the band in the "Titty Twister" bar, performing...

By : CaptainCarlossi     Added : 04 September 2011
Salma Hayek's Breasts - The Graham Norton Show - Series 10 Episode 7 - BBC One
More about this programme: Salma chats about not having breasts as a child and asking Jesus to give her breasts.

By : BBC     Added : 09 December 2011
Salma Hayek Pinault Is Overflowing With Mexican Pride
'Beatriz at Dinner' star Salma Hayek Pinault turned the sometimes-stuffy gala dinner at Cannes Film Festival into a mariachi band extravaganza. Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel HERE: http://bi...

By : The Late Show with Stephen Colbert     Added : 07 June 2017
From Dusk Till Dawn | ‘The Art of Seduction’ (HD) - George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino | MIRAMAX
When Santanico Pandemonium (Salma Hayek) takes the stage for her snake dance, Seth (George Clooney), Richard (Quentin Tarantino), and all other eyes are on her hypnotic curves. For more of...

By : Miramax     Added : 02 March 2015
Salma Hayek Bra Ugly Betty HD

By : pedrito Completo     Added : 19 February 2015
Salma Hayek's Dog Loves Cake!
The stunning actress told Ellen all about her dog's surprising sweet tooth, and her daughter's slimy new sales pitch.

By : TheEllenShow     Added : 26 April 2017
Hollywood Actress Salma Hayek Targeted As Member Of Vast Clinton-China Spy Ring
A sensational new Federal Security Service (FSB) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the US Department of Justice (DoJ) has just filed an INTERPOL request for all intelligence...

By : Lucid Dreamer     Added : 19 January 2018
Salma Hayek (Full Interview) | Chelsea | Netflix
Salma Hayek discusses love, marriage, Mexican witch vibes, and her new role in "Beatriz at Dinner." Watch the full episode: SUBSCRIBE:

By : Chelsea     Added : 07 July 2017
Salma Hayek & Ashley Judd Talk Raising 'A Beacon Of Hope' With Time's Up Movement | Access
Salma Hayek and Ashley Judd chat with Access' Kit Hoover and Scott Evans on the 2018 Golden Globes carpet about the meaning behind the Time's Up movement. » SUBSCRIBE:

By : Access     Added : 08 January 2018
Razones por qué Salma Hayek es la más deseada
5.- Sensualidad ante las cámara Cómo olvidar su exótico y sensual baile en la película de culto “Del crepúsculo al amanecer” donde arrancó los suspiros de miles de personas y enamoró...

By : Badabun     Added : 22 November 2017
Salma Hayek FUNNY Moments
After reaching my 5 thousand subscriber goal. I figured. Why not reach for 10 Thousand. If you like my content. Go ahead and press that subscribe button for me and look out for future content....

By : JustKorvac     Added : 14 October 2017
Salma Hayek's Struggle Against Being Stereotyped in Hollywood | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN
Already a star in her native Mexico, Salma Hayek came to Los Angeles in 1991 to begin a new chapter in her career but found discouragement and stereotyping. For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit...

By : OWN     Added : 18 January 2018
Salma Hayek Pinault Reveals Her Favorite Curse Word
Salma talks about making her new movie The Hitman's Bodyguard with Samuel L. Jackson and reveals what her all-time favorite curse word is. Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Kellyanne Conway About Trump...

By : Jimmy Kimmel Live     Added : 18 August 2017

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