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Rukmini Haran: Krishna Rukmani Vivah: कृष्ण और रुक्मणी का प्रेम विवाह
Rukmini's love for Krishna: Krishna Rukmini vivah Rukmini was the daughter of the King of Vidarbha. She had five brothers. She was determined to marry none other than Lord Krishna. One would...

By : Digital साधु     Added : 26 October 2017
कृष्णा और रुक्मणी से शादी | Krishna and Rukmani vivah | ramanand sagar | dil ki awaz | mahabhart
कृष्णा और रुक्मणी से शादी | Krishna and Rukmani vivah | ramanand sagar | dil ki awaz | mahabhart रुक्मिणी विदर्भ के...

By : DIL KI AWAZ     Added : 13 April 2017
kandarpuranam salem rukmani

By : Pavala Kanagar     Added : 06 January 2014
Satyabhama is blessed by the mother of Indra that she will never grow old and loose her beauty. They, after being blessed, return to Dwarika where they are greeted by Rukmani. A discussion...

By : Saurabh Parikh     Added : 05 April 2011
Salem Rukmani - Manathirkiniyaan - Audio full prog
Brought you to by G Sengottaiyan 98430 10229.

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Salem Rukmani = Bhakthiyurm Gnanamum 01
All videos in my channel were my own videos. Captured, edited, AV synchronized and uploaded by myself. All expenses for this is my own fund.

By : Gsengottaiyan Gurusamy     Added : 10 April 2017
Snap feat RUKMANI - Rame.(ED)

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कृष्णा पहली पत्नी रुक्मणि की कहानी | Rukmani and Krishna love | ramanand sagar | mahabharat
krishna krishna कृष्णा पहली पत्नी रुक्मणि की कहानी जब कृष्ण और बलराम को जरासंध के...

By : DIL KI AWAZ     Added : 14 April 2017
Anamika Ambar Latest Performance "Rukmani"
Dr. Anamika Jain 'Ambar' dwara rachit geet "Rukmani" Shri Krishna ki ardhangini Rukmani ki peeda ka geet hai.....Jisme Rukmani apne patni hone ke adhikar ko Shri Krishna se mangti hain.

By : Saurabh Jain     Added : 26 December 2016
Snap! ft. Rukmani - Rame / Slow /

By : Asus Boss     Added : 08 January 2016
'Mawila Penewi' (Original Gramophone version) - Rukmani Devi - Old Sinhala Movie Song (1950s)
Rukmani Devi sang this song for the movie 'Kele Handa' while acting the character 'malini'. This is the original gramophone version of the song. This song was later sung in a higher tempo...

By : Dr196903     Added : 04 January 2009
RAME - Snap! feat. Rukmani
I do not own this music or art. Beautiful picture by Daniel Holeman.

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कृष्ण ने राधा से क्यूं नहीं किया था ... विवाह ?
In this video we will show you ... Why lord krishna not married to Radha !!!

By : Do You Know ???     Added : 26 September 2016
Rukmini Rukmini
Roja Hindi version.

By : towhids     Added : 14 September 2007
IAS Topper Rukmani Riar Air-2
For More Topper's Interview Join Us at With happiness writ large on her face Rukmani Riar has realised what she had set out to achieve. Having completed...

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