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Pavitra Rishta - Episode 437
Dharmesh lies to Vaishali and refuses to acknowledge Varun. Savita calls up Archana to find out if Manav has reached home. Savita is relieved to know that Manav has come back home safely. Manav...

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Pavitra Rishta - Episode 1410 - October 7, 2014
Pari in order to separate Ashi from Ankita gives the responsibility of Ashi to an unknown couple. The couple themselves seem to be confused as to why Pari has handed over her daughter to them....

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Pavitra Rishta - Watch Full Episode 936 of 17th December 2012
In the December 17 episode of Pavitra Rishta, Archana convinces Ovi to attend the Durga Puja. Purvi gets stunned after learning Arjun's and Ovi's presence at the Puja. Archana gets perplexed...

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Pavitra Rishta - Episode 710 - 01-02-2012
Sachin phones Savita to tell her that he managed to convince Archana to divorce Manav. Savita is on cloud nine to hear the news. Sachin states that he would return to Canada only after Archana...

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Pavitra Rishta - Episode 46 - 03-08-2009
Sulochana speaks against Manav and his family and Savita gets infuriated by this. Savita confronts Sulochana for speaking ill about her family and asks her to accept Manav and Archanas relationship...

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Pavitra Rishta - Watch Full Episode 866 of 7th September 2012
Manav gets shocked when Purvi informs him that she had promised Purvi that she would convince the Deshmukhs to accept Archana. She further compels Manav not to divorce Archana. Tejaswini learns...

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Pavitra Rishta - Watch Full Episode 867 of 10th September 2012
Manav and the rest of the family get shocked when Sachin reveals that he had compelled Archana to divorce Manav. The Karanjakar and Deshmukh realise that Savita had created misunderstandings...

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Pavitra Rishta - Episode 752 - 02-04-2012
Purvi is about to leave for work when Sulochana stops her and hands over an important file she was forgetting back. Sulochana jokingly states that Purvi had adopted Archana's habit of forgetting...

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Pavitra Rishta - Episode 1379 - August 25, 2014
Pari accuses Ankita of being here for the property but she makes it very clear to Pari that she is here to teach her and Naren a lesson for the accident and bring justice for Rannvijay. Ankita...

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Pavitra Rishta - Episode 221 - 01-04-2010
Rasika gives anklets (ghungroo) to Savita and asks her to dance in front of everyone. Savita gets aghast but dances for the sake of Vandita. Everyone looks on helplessly. Archana loses her...

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Pavitra Rishta - Episode 1010 - March 29, 2013
In the March 29 Episode of Pavitra Rishta, Purvi informs Sulochana about Soham's visit to the hospital to meet Archana and later his quarrel with Manav at Manav's house. Ovi inserts a video...

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Pavitra Rishta - Pavitra Rishta Episode 1110 - August 17, 2013
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Pavitra Rishta - Episode 1 - 01-07-2009
Concept: 'Pavitra Rishta' is the story of a girl named Archana who belongs to a middle class family. Archana is the eldest of three daughters of the Karanjakar family. Archanas mother Sulochana...

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Pavitra Rishta - Episode 546
Manav comes back home and sees that Sachin is already home. Archana is furious with Manav for his negligence and Manav tries in vain to convince her. Dharmesh is also working in D.K.'s company...

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Pavitra Rishta - Episode 244 - 03-05-2010
Sulochana and Archana talk to Varsha and feel contented on seeing her happy. Vaishali tells Manav that she cannot see him and Archana get separated. Shravani gets disturbed on seeing Vaishali...

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