ONSLAUGHT [Video has English Subtitles]

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Click the "Captions Icon" to "ON" at the bottom of the video, if not already playing. 21 January 2015, My YouTube Channel, Stanley Pacion, counts 246,000 + Hits, Single Page Visits SUBSCRIBE, Please. Full Text WORDS HERE (Show More) http://stanleypacion.blogspot.in/2015/01/onslaught-too-much-history-decade-after.html ~~ Or ~ http://www.stanleypacion.com ~~ https://www.facebook.com/stanleypacion ~~ India EveryDay: ONSLAUGHT Too much history, Decade after decade, year after year, With me subject to the merciless attack of the clock. Last night and into the dawn, wide-awake, Sleepless, watching the walls record the extending bright, Feeling that I have begun to crack all over, like an antique jar. Then at noon at last a nap, I arise again as the magnified voice of a late-day Call to prayer increasingly pours over the open window sill And fills the room. “We all owe death a life.”

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