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RANKEDS MONO LEBLANC ♥ - Nicole Diretora ♥ 21:30
Se inscreva no canal para não perder as próximas lives ♥ sociais e e-mail abaixo: CONTATO p/ parcerias e divulgações: ...

By : Nicole Diretora     Added : 29 April 2017
Nicole’s Sleepover & Pranks ! What a Disaster!
Nicole meets a new girl at school and invites her to come over after school for a sleepover. Little does Nicole know that the new girl also meets two more girls ...

By : SevenSuperGirls     Added : 27 February 2017
Nicole Finds Something Spooky!
Nicole finds a free ukulele at the end of her driveway that someone had left. It turns out this ukulele is Spooky and strange things start to happen when she plays ...

By : SevenSuperGirls     Added : 17 April 2017
Nicole's Invisible Sister!!
It's Nicoles' mom's birthday and she and her sister Ivy decide to buy her a gift that ends up not being such a good idea after all. Watch to see what happens!

By : SevenSuperGirls     Added : 20 March 2017
Why I'm Gaining Weight
It took everything in me to be vulnerable and upload this. I've been called fat and have been asked if I'm pregnant or have gotten a boob job in the comment ...

By : Nicole LZ     Added : 24 April 2017
Nicole's Embarassing Day!
Did you ever just have one of those days when one embarrassing thing happens one after another? Then you'll feel sorry for Nicole, because shes having one ...

By : SevenSuperGirls     Added : 19 July 2015
Nicole's Crazy Grandma Goes Back To School!
Nicole is on her way to school, but her Grandma ends up following her there! Are Grandma's shenanigans too much for Nicole's school? Watch and find out what ...

By : SevenSuperGirls     Added : 03 April 2017
Baby Nicole's GREAT Escape!
Baby Nicole escapes from her room and goes wandering, and the search parties are called out! But just how far can a baby get?

By : SevenSuperGirls     Added : 15 May 2016
Lakisha sends Nicole to Jail !
Nicole is watching the news when they mention two familiar people… LAKISHA AND SHARNEISHA! The two troublemakers are back at it again. The two are on ...

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 13 March 2016
Nicole & The Weird Illness!
This week's theme is "weird illness.” When Nicole sees her "friend/enemy" Lakisha is the store while she's buying Valentines..she notices her friend has a bad ...

By : SevenSuperGirls     Added : 13 February 2017
Is Nicole a Zombie, Forever?
Nicole gets an illness...but not just any illness this weird illness turns Nicole into a ZOMBIE! Will she ever be cured of this horrible disease?! To get a shoutout ...

By : SevenAwesomeKids     Added : 24 January 2016
Nicole - Geh diesen Weg mit mir (Fly on the wings of love) (Offizielles Video)
Wir präsentieren euch das Video "Geh diesen Weg mit mir" (Fly on the wings of love) von Nicole. Seit der Gründung im August 2012 steht der Name TELAMO für ...

By : Telamo - Wir lieben Schlager     Added : 13 April 2017
My Story | Nicole Corrales
Hi lovelies! Thank you so much for watching, I always get questions asking me where I'm from and how/why do I live in I thought I would film a video ...

By : KeepingUpWithNicole     Added : 03 November 2016
Young Nicole's Dream life!
Just when we thought Nicole's young spell was gone, she has a dream that makes her young again!

By : SevenSuperGirls     Added : 10 January 2016

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