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[HD] Martina Navratilova vs Jimmy Connors - Highlights
The Battles of Sexes or Battle of Champions!

By : MCfanforeverXD     Added : 24 June 2013
Navratilova, Paes Vs Sharapova, Mirnyi US Open 2004 Highlights
Highlights of a 3rd round (Quarterfinal) Mixed Doubles match between Sharapova/ Mirnyi and Navratilova/ Paes at US Open 2004.

By : mashahighlights     Added : 03 December 2011
Tennis star Martina Navratilova marries partner Julia
Martina Navratilova to marry long-term partner Julia Lemigova after ... 7, 2014 Martina Navratilova to marry long-term partner Julia Lemigova after ... the world of tennis...

By : Amazing Moment     Added : 16 December 2014
Steffi Graf vs Martina Navratilova 1987 Lipton semifinal
This tournament really heralded the arrival of Steffi Graf, as she crushed both Navratilova and Evert back to back (number one and number two in the world at that time, respectively). Graf...

By : Cindy C     Added : 14 March 2015
Chris Evert d. Martina Navratilova-1988 Australian Open SF
Having made the final of the Australian Open in every year she played it, Chris counts this semifinal match as special for a number of reasons. Right in the midst of 3 straight-set wins over...

By : chrisevertdotnet     Added : 23 January 2013
Martina Navratilova - girlfriend Julia Lemigova engagement
Martina Navratilova is engaged! The retired tennis superstar proposed to her girlfriend Julia Lemigova while the two were attending the U.S. Open on Saturday. Navratilova was working as a...

By : vyganews com     Added : 07 September 2014
Chris Evert defeats Martina Navratilova 6-0 6-0 in the 1981 Amelia Island final
"Chrissie has her Bagel-Party face on," Bud Collins says near the end of the first set, and sure enough Evert served two rounds of bagels for breakfast that day. The 1981 Amelia Island final...

By : chrisevertdotnet     Added : 08 August 2010
Navratilova proposes to girlfriend during US Open
Tennis star Martina Navratilova proposed to her girlfriend on the big screen of Arthur Ashe Stadium between the U.S. Open men's semifinals on Saturday. Navratilova popped the question to Julia...

By : ZoominTV     Added : 08 September 2014
Chris Evert d. Martina Navratilova - 1986 French Open final
Here it is... Chris Evert's record 7th French Open crown at the age of 31. Easily the most shocking fact associated with this match is that it would be the last time Chris & Martina met in...

By : chrisevertdotnet     Added : 04 June 2011
Martina Navratilova , Julia Lemigova marriage moments
Martina Navratilova married partner Julia Lemigova in New York City yesterday, the tennis icon sharing her updated relationship status with BBC News just moments after saying "I do." While...

By : vyganews com     Added : 03 January 2015
Chris Evert vs. Martina Navratilova
Chris Evert Lloyd d. Martina Navratilova, 7-5, 5-7, 13-11, final of the 1979 Eastbourne tournament. This is something of a forgotten classic. It is not mentioned in Johnette Howard's great...

By : krosero     Added : 04 November 2009
Muchachada Nui 4x07 Celebrities - Martina Navratilova
para más info: o también en

By : muchachadanui     Added : 25 February 2010
Phranc sings "M-A-R-T-I-N-A"
Phamed Pholksinger Phranc sings her wonderful song "M-A-R-T-I-N-A" as part of a gay/lesbian comedy show. Dedicated to tennis legend Martina Navratilova, this song appears on Phranc's 1985...

By : Dantemadison     Added : 20 September 2007
Martin Short as Martina Navratilova in a fake commercial
A fake commercial for "30 Love" foot spray. Taken from his May 20th 1995 TV special " The Show Formerly Known as the Martin Short Show". Phil Hartman does the voice-over.

By : Weezle56     Added : 25 August 2008
Chris Evert d. Martina Navratilova - 1987 Houston final
EDITED FOR EVERT FANS: In one of their all-time greatest barn-burners, Chris & Martina went to 7-6 in the 3rd set in the '87 Houston final. It was the first tournament that Chris played as...

By : chrisevertdotnet     Added : 17 March 2010

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