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Photo Shoot Ready Hair & Makeup
Images by Aditya Negi (https://www.instagram.com/anegyy/) Hey Guys! I finally have another beauty tutorial up and it is my go-to photo shoot hair and makeup. This is great for models working...

By : Jie Zheng     Added : 27 January 2018
WINTER SKINCARE | 10 Step Dry Skin Routine
Heyyy guys I'm super excited to share my winter skin care routine. I think skin care has grown a lot more popularity recently, especially Korean skin care which is what my 10 step routine is...

By : Jie Zheng     Added : 06 February 2018
Microblading + Healing Process
Hey guys! I'm finally sharing my microblading experience from the full procedure to the healing process. A huge thanks to Chastity at Sugarpop Aesthetics for being so kind to do my brows and...

By : Jie Zheng     Added : 14 November 2017
Top Apps For Social Media | Edits, Inspo, Free Stuff!
Hey Guys! Here are my most used apps to curate my feed and plus they're all free. Share your favs below! FIND ME INSTAGRAM - http://instagram.com/_jiezheng...

By : Jie Zheng     Added : 01 January 2018
G.IRL Photoshoot Vlog
Hey guys! I'm back with a vlog from my shoot for G.IRL by my girl Ann. She just launched her new beauty line with some bomb body butters and I got to model them in this shoot. Check her out...

By : Jie Zheng     Added : 25 November 2017
Dorm Tour + DIY Decor
Hey guys! I've started my junior year of college and I'm back with a new video! Here is my dorm tour plus some decorating tips and cheap D.I.Y's. Good luck to you guys starting school or if...

By : Jie Zheng     Added : 13 September 2017
Fall '17 Lookbook
Hey guys! I did a poll on Instagram what video you guys wanted to see next and a fall lookbook won, so here it is! Here are some of my fav fall outfits including trends like colors red and...

By : Jie Zheng     Added : 16 October 2017
Affordable Skincare Routine
Hey guys, I'm back with my skincare routine! I have dry skin that isn't too acne prone. So I've developed a regimine recently that works for my skin type, that's moisturizing and anti-aging....

By : Jie Zheng     Added : 03 July 2017
Warm Winter Editorial
Hey guys! I'm back with this super amazing video from Jay-R, that just served us these VISUALS. This was a super fun shoot with one of my favorite photographers and girls Ornelle! Also, big...

By : Jie Zheng     Added : 04 December 2017
College Vlog + Advice | Graphic Design Major
Hey guys! Since my dorm tour video I've received a lot of questions about my major and college. So I've made a video showing you my day as a graphic design major and sharing some college advice!...

By : Jie Zheng     Added : 07 October 2017
Natural Everyday Look
My everyday makeup tutorial thats been long delayed! I've listed all the products I've used below. If you guys have any other requests leave me a comment below! PRODUCTS...

By : Jie Zheng     Added : 02 March 2017
VOTW | Finals, Formal, Photoshoots +More
Hey guys! Here is a snippet of my finals week this fall 2017 semester.Of course there wasn't just finals going on but some other surprises in the vlog! Check out some of the people that were...

By : Jie Zheng     Added : 27 December 2017
Marion Bartoli VS Jie Zheng || Australian Open 2012
Marion Bartoli VS Jie Zheng, Australian Open 2012. . . . . . . . . Tennis wta atp match set game eurosport highlights bnp paris slam australian open aussie open roland garros french open france...

By : Best of Sports     Added : 19 June 2017
Zheng Jie VS Venus Williams Highlight 2013 R2
Zheng Jie VS Venus Williams Highlight 2013 R2 By CTXTENNISHD.

By : Tennis Religion II     Added : 07 September 2016

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