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Photo Shoot Ready Hair & Makeup
Images by Aditya Negi (https://www.instagram.com/anegyy/) Hey Guys! I finally have another beauty tutorial up and it is my go-to photo shoot hair and makeup.

By : Jie Zheng     Added : 27 January 2018
The Boyfriend Tag
Meet my boyfriend Benny! This is a little introduction to my partner in crime and some facts about me too. We had a day out so we decided to bring you guys ...

By : Jie Zheng     Added : 15 March 2017
WINTER SKINCARE | 10 Step Dry Skin Routine
Heyyy guys I'm super excited to share my winter skin care routine. I think skin care has grown a lot more popularity recently, especially Korean skin care which is ...

By : Jie Zheng     Added : 06 February 2018
Zheng Jie VS Venus Williams Highlight 2013 R2
Zheng Jie VS Venus Williams Highlight 2013 R2 By CTXTENNISHD.

By : Tennis Religion II     Added : 07 September 2016
Affordable Skincare Routine
Hey guys, I'm back with my skincare routine! I have dry skin that isn't too acne prone. So I've developed a regimine recently that works for my skin type, that's ...

By : Jie Zheng     Added : 03 July 2017
Marion Bartoli VS Jie Zheng || Australian Open 2012
Marion Bartoli VS Jie Zheng, Australian Open 2012. . . . . . . . . Tennis wta atp match set game eurosport highlights bnp paris slam australian open aussie open ...

By : Best of Sports     Added : 19 June 2017
Wimbledon 2008 Zheng Jie VS. Vadisova 2/2

By : ณัฐเมธี มหาเพชร     Added : 09 May 2017
郑洁温网晋级半决赛 Wembledon:Zheng Jie makes history

By : yingyutong1     Added : 02 July 2008
Microblading + Healing Process
Hey guys! I'm finally sharing my microblading experience from the full procedure to the healing process. A huge thanks to Chastity at Sugarpop Aesthetics for ...

By : Jie Zheng     Added : 14 November 2017
Natural Everyday Look
My everyday makeup tutorial thats been long delayed! I've listed all the products I've used below. If you guys have any other requests leave me a comment ...

By : Jie Zheng     Added : 02 March 2017
DIY Eyelash Perm
Hey Guys! I'm back with a video on how I permed by lashes at home. This is my first time trying an eyelash perm out, but I'm sharing with you guys the process ...

By : Jie Zheng     Added : 19 May 2017
Top Apps For Social Media | Edits, Inspo, Free Stuff!
Hey Guys! Here are my most used apps to curate my feed and plus they're all free. Share your favs below! FIND ME INSTAGRAM ...

By : Jie Zheng     Added : 01 January 2018
Jie Zheng & french ska!!!
Toutatim by Awale la face B?

By : BaseballDUB     Added : 20 March 2010
Dorm Tour + DIY Decor
Hey guys! I've started my junior year of college and I'm back with a new video! Here is my dorm tour plus some decorating tips and cheap D.I.Y's. Good luck to ...

By : Jie Zheng     Added : 13 September 2017

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