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Jessica Kirkland

By : sulpu butpo     Added : 26 December 2015
You belong with me - Lesbian couples
I know I've done this song to death but yeah, one more time ;) Anyway, I haven't uploaded something in forever due to schoolwork so I thought I'd make something quick. Voiceovers: Santana:...

By : Jessica Kirkland     Added : 05 September 2014
The lucky one - Quinn and Kitty
Basically I made this to show not only that Quinn didn't have it easy like what most people say she did, but also to show that popularity is like being a celebrity in may ways. I also want...

By : Jessica Kirkland     Added : 18 January 2013
Glee Multi-couples | Wrecking ball (Secret santa for Jessica Kirkland)
Merry christmas Jessica! Made by your secret santa, MysticWriter1. ( Have a wonderful christmas! :)

By : TheFandomSecretSanta     Added : 24 December 2013
She will be loved - Eelg AU couples
Please don't mention the show name or character names in the comments. Hope you like it :)

By : Jessica Kirkland     Added : 04 November 2012

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