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Landlord beware: Do not rent to Jessica Kirkland (birthdate 11/24)
This is what she did to my property.

By : Heaven love     Added : 10 October 2018
The Naruto girls don't care for the boy's fairytales
I do not own anything!!!! I wanted to make this with my old computer, but it broke when I was half way done, so I started it again. Storylines SuiKarin: Karin is ...

By : Jessica Kirkland     Added : 14 January 2012
Skyscraper - glee characters

By : Jessica Kirkland     Added : 21 February 2015
I Know Places - Kurtofsky

By : Jessica Kirkland     Added : 21 September 2015
Wonderland - Scarlet Queen
So I finally got around to watching OUATIW and now I can't listen to this song without thinking of these two (Cliche I know). Probably doesn't help that these are ...

By : Jessica Kirkland     Added : 23 December 2014
Multifandom - Beautiful Girl
I do not own anything! The song is Beautiful girl by Chord Overstreet. I wanted to try make a video of couples that I don't have many pictures of (some of them I ...

By : Jessica Kirkland     Added : 30 December 2011
Hello - Multifandom
It's been so long. I've been so caught up with uni and so on. Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

By : Jessica Kirkland     Added : 19 March 2016
This love - Multifandom
1989 fever! ... again :P So it's been a while since I've done anything and considering this is my favourite song at the moment, I knew I had to do something with it ...

By : Jessica Kirkland     Added : 31 January 2015
Cry - Finchel

By : Jessica Kirkland     Added : 06 October 2012
This is what you came for - Femslash couples
Feels like I never even vid anymore, but you know how life is, uni, family, it all gets in the way. Anyway here's something small until I get more time.

By : Jessica Kirkland     Added : 17 March 2017
The one that got away lyrics - Boyce Avenue and Christina Grimmie (fan mash up)
Disclaimer: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news ...

By : Jessica Kirkland     Added : 31 January 2012
If You Say So - Finchel

By : Jessica Kirkland     Added : 21 September 2015
Glee Multi-couples | Wrecking ball (Secret santa for Jessica Kirkland)
Merry christmas Jessica! Made by your secret santa, MysticWriter1. ( Have a wonderful christmas! :)

By : TheFandomSecretSanta     Added : 24 December 2013

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