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Landlord beware: Do not rent to Jessica Kirkland (birthdate 11/24)
This is what she did to my property.

By : Heaven love     Added : 10 October 2018
Let me love you - Finntana
Wish I could have done more with this, but considering the lack of positive let alone romantic scenes these two share, I'm still pretty happy with the turnout.

By : Jessica Kirkland     Added : 19 April 2014
Hello - Multifandom
It's been so long. I've been so caught up with uni and so on. Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

By : Jessica Kirkland     Added : 19 March 2016
She will be loved - Eelg AU couples
Please don't mention the show name or character names in the comments. Hope you like it :)

By : Jessica Kirkland     Added : 04 November 2012
World of chances - Suinn and Julyberry

By : Jessica Kirkland     Added : 25 April 2014
Skyfall - Elsanna

By : Jessica Kirkland     Added : 11 December 2014
my puppy iza may bite you kirkland loves to play

By : Jessica Nicole Kirkland Pagan     Added : 05 April 2018
The scientist - Finntana and Puckleberry
I know this really isn't my best, but I wanted to do something Finntana and Puckleberry based and I wanted to test out the speed changing option on my program.

By : Jessica Kirkland     Added : 15 January 2013
Skyscraper - glee characters

By : Jessica Kirkland     Added : 21 February 2015
moviestar planet by jessica kirkland baxter

By : Jessica Baxter     Added : 30 December 2014
Eelg multicouples - Call me maybe
Sung by Paradise fears. This is my first full video for this fandom so I hope you like it :) I tried to avoid using Quinn couples that had actually happened in the ...

By : Jessica Kirkland     Added : 29 June 2012

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