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golka venkatesh dance
its a hip hop new emerging desingd style of dancing piz wacth and subscribe.

By : karthik pa     Added : 18 July 2016
Appu. Golka please watch. It

By : Somu Mysore     Added : 09 April 2017
Golka with sandalwood studio special performance
The famous team player of SANDALWOOD STUDIO - Golka is back to entertain u.

By : naz roza     Added : 29 November 2016
Manish kumar golka

By : Ramlal kumar     Added : 06 June 2017
Get to know me!
Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed! Can we get 200 likes? :) Follow me on my socials! Instagram - GrantGolka Twitter - GrantGolka Snapchat - GrantGolka I'll see you guys...

By : Grant Golka     Added : 30 December 2017
Robert K. Golka Conducts Fireball experiments in Submarine
In WW2, There were reports of Ball Lightning type fireballs on board U.S. Submarines. It was suspected that these rare events were caused by the very high inrush currents when the switch was...

By : geipeandldn     Added : 23 May 2011
Three segments in one video with short blank space between, Robert K. Golka research events at Leadville, CO in testing Cavity energy transmission. Hopeful at the time, this did not work out...

By : geipeandldn     Added : 23 May 2011
Golka resentenced to 90 years
A U.S. Supreme Court ruling mandated the change, since teens can't get life in prison. Subscribe to KETV on YouTube now for more: http://bit.ly/1emyaD5 Get more Omaha news: http://ketv.com...

By : KETV NewsWatch 7     Added : 21 September 2016
I did your guys dares.... I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching! Can we get 200 likes? Follow my socials! Instagram : GrantGolka Twitter : GrantGolka Snapchat : GrantGolka03 Subscribe...

By : Grant Golka     Added : 04 February 2018
Ball Lightning reports, Movie, found by Robert K. Golka
Some reports of Ball Lightning located by Robert K. Golka. A Scientist in Aircraft sees one, A study team in Los Alamos films one for 150 frames, several sre described through history.

By : geipeandldn     Added : 23 May 2011
Submarine Battery Bank shorted.Initially called ball lightning, now Leidenfrost Effect. August 1994
In the time of about 1992 - 1994 Robert K. Golka was working with very large currents from Shorted power supplies and submarine battery banks in his never ending quest to make and understand...

By : geipeandldn     Added : 23 May 2011
Thank you guys so much for watching my first ever YouTube video, I had a ton of fun making it and I hope you guys enjoyed :) Subscribe for weekly vids?! Follow Me to see more of me! ...

By : Grant Golka     Added : 17 August 2017

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